The Annexation of Texas by the U.S.

By Isaac Hernandez

Tejano problems

Beliefs that there will be a war with mexico. The Tejanos are forces to choose between loyalty and where they live. Mexico believes the border is the Nueces River. The Tejanos dont want to give up their land and dont want to recognize Texas as a part of the U.S.

American ideas

The Americans have big beliefs and hopes for Manifest Destiny are huge. With Texas Annexed Manifest Destiny is even closer with California and the land between should not be far behind .The result might have to lead to war.

Free black Texan

Besides Manifest Destiny the issue of slavery are starting to be debated. There is good and bad sides; can own land, run a business. The down side is all individual rghts will be taken away. Many Northers and midwestermers believe that manifest destiny will expand slavery.

Anglo Texan

After ten years statehood was finally achieved. It was exciting to be our own nation but it is much more difficult that thought. still faced with the issue of what is the true border. We believe it is the rio Grande because of the Treaties of Velasco.

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