The Hawk and the Mouse

By: Connor Williamson

Hawk and the mouse

One morning a small mouse was wandering through a field when suddenly a Hawk showed up, the hawk had rigged feathers and bright gleaming yellow eyes with a pointy beak. The small mouse said,"oh great hawk what brings you to this field." The sly hawk replied,"I have come for the sweet berries in the field." Since the mouse lived in the field the mouse knew the hawk wasn't telling the truth because the mouse knew all the berries where poisonous. The hawk then said," you have been working so hard all day, why don't you join me this evening in my house for a cup of tea." The mouse agreed to go to the hawks house for a cup of tea.

The next evening the mouse took 3 berries from the field to the hawks house. When the mouse arrived at the hawks house the hawk said,"welcome my friend to my house," he also whispered to himself," so you can be my dinner." The mouse causally walked into the hawks house and sat down on one of his chairs. As the mouse sat down to wait for the hawk a trap door opened under the seat and the mouse fell into the hole. The hawk soon came down to eat the mouse. then suddenly the hawk appeared in the hole with the mouse. Before the hawk ate the mouse the mouse said," before you eat me why don't you have an appetizer. The hawk agreed and the mouse gave the hawk the three poisonous berries he had collected. The hawk hatefully snatched the berries out of the mouses hand and ate them. The hawk began to get dizzy and then died...


Small things can do big things.