U.S. Involvement Overseas

The United States involvement in Syria- Good or Bad?

By Gabriel Boyd

The Situation in Syria:

The Washington Post took a survey after September eleventh, 2001 to see who Americans, Israelis, Palestinians, Chinese, and other peoples were behind the 9/11 terrorist attack. Surprisingly, 15% of the surveyed citizens say that the United States Government itself was behind it. over 25% of the people around where the United States Army is fighting about say that the United States Government was behind 9/11. This shows that the people subject to America's "Helping Overseas" are being more harmed than helped. Is this good or bad?

"15% of the surveyed citizens saythat the United States Government itself was behind [9/11]"

The Conflict with Terrorism-

Covering the news ever since it started, the Syrian Civil War (2011- ) has engulfed the entire middle east, creating terrorist groups. ISIS, Al Qaeda, and the Taliban have been wreaking Havoc in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan, using the governmental disturbance to take over land and build strength. Recently, terrorists have gone into buildings, killing people. Paris, Brussels, Lebanon; people have been lost forever. Thousands of people: gone. Terrorists blame it on the United States, they say that they should not involve with Arabian affairs. Again: U.S. in Syria- good or bad?



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