The StuCo Report

Alamo Heights High School Student Council Monthly Updates!

What is the StuCo Report?

The StuCo report is a monthly update on all Student Council events and activities. Each month, we will have information about upcoming events, committee meetings, board meetings and details for class officers.

Student Organization Fair

On Friday August 30, the school hosted the Student Organization Fair. On this day all of the clubs in our school come together and campaign for new members. Student Council took part of this fair by organizing it and registering more students for Student Council.

Committee Meeting

On September 10th, student council is having a committee meeting in Mr. Walton's room (152S) during both 4th and 5th lunch. Come join one of our committees and help plan events for our school. Committees: Class Officers, Community Service, Energy & Environment, Pride and Patriotism, and DASH or Drug, Alcohol, Safety, and Health.

Homecoming 2019

Homecoming Week start on September 16th. The following are the Homecoming Spirit week dress up days. Don't forget to dress up!!

Monday - Camouflage

Tuesday - Punk Rock

Wednesday - Western

Thursday - 80s disco

Friday - BLUE AND GOLD!!!

Look for announcements on Muletube with information on appropriate attire.