A Spooky Welcome

First Grade's October Newsletter


First graders are writing stories about their lives. They are learning to create tighter and richer narratives by zooming into small moments. Students plan out their stories by touching the pages and telling the events across the pages, sketching their pictures, and writing their words to match.


We are working on developing good reading habits when reading by ourselves and with a partner. Students first explored these reading skills and strategies last year, and are now working towards building greater independence.


As we begin the year, we are exploring different ways to model adding up to ten to build our fluency. First graders will become more resourceful and independent in using different manipulatives and tools in the classroom that can help model how to solve both addition and subtraction. We will know how to draw pictures, use connecting cubes, colored counters, ten frames, and Part-Part-Whole charts to help organize our math thinking.


Within science, we are looking closely at animal diversity. We are observing animal characteristics and exploring how different animals change and grow.

Social Studies

We are looking at families and communities and discovering the important roles each member plays in his or her family and as a citizen within the community.

Spanish in the Classrooms

We welcome Ms. Peña into our non-dual language classrooms this week, as she begins teaching us Spanish!

Happy Birthday to...

Ms. Cuda & Ms. Monachello
  • 10/02 - Glenis P.

Ms. Walters & Ms. Stevens

  • 10/05 - Samantha R.

Ms. Turner & Ms. Bosque

  • 9/06 - Camila T.
  • 9/21 - Tess F.
  • 9/26 - Dalvin G.
  • 10/06 - Valerie M.
  • 10/12 - Angely L.
  • 10/30 - Sareena A.

Ms. Law

  • 9/08 - Cristopher F.
  • 10/05 - Oniel N.
  • 10/07 - Angel O.
  • 10/10 - Lola S.

School Calendar

October 12 - Columbus Day (schools closed)

October 14 - Wonderful Wednesday; Celebrating Our Families' Heritage

October 21 - PTA meeting

October 30 - Costume Parade (9:00am)