7 Apps 2 Use in Your K-3 Classrooms

These apps will have you soaring to new techno-heights

#1 Brain Pop

  • Brain Pop is a great resource for students. It includes subjects from health to math to science and includes fun videos and quizzes. This app can be used as a study tool, or even to introduce students to a specific topic and get them interested. Click here to check it out!

#2 Mobile Mouse

  • Mobile Mouse is a brilliant app that allows the teacher to turn their iPad/iPhone into a portable mouse, so you are able to move about your classroom while still have access to your keyboard and mouse. Works great for smart board lessons, and using the interactive whiteboard. Click here to check it out!
Mobile Mouse Pro 2.0 Demo

#3 Quizlet

  • Quizlet is an awesome app for both students and teachers. You can easily make flashcards with this app and use them as study tools. It allows you to access flashcards made by others, saving you time so you can focus on what's important...studying! Click here to check it out
How to Use Quizlet

#4 Edmodo

  • Edmodo is an easy way to share tools and notes from the classroom. Students can share notes with each other, and teachers can make notes, assignments and even grades easily accessible. Click here to check it out!
Edmodo Demo Video

#5 Hot Seat For Teachers

  • This app, specifically for teachers helps them to remember students names and can be used as a tool to randomly select students to answer questions, reading parts of the textbook etc. Click here to check it out!

#6 Motutu

  • Motutu is something I could've used when I was in grade school...okay I would probably benefit from it even now. But this tool helps students with their math homework by provided a tutor they can message to help them work through a difficult problem or question. GENIUS! Check it out here!

#7 Zootool

  • Zootool is a great resource to help bookmark images, link, documents and resources that you want to refer back to at a later date. Both students and teachers can benefit from this app! Check it out here!
77 Seconds with ZooTool.com