2015 In Chinese Festivals

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PsychicCaterpillar, which major festival will come first in 2015?

The Chinese New Year will come first in 2015, Year of the Goat. Starting on February 19th for the year 2015, it will run for 15 days, as always. Red is a common color during the festival, and symbolizes good luck. Families will celebrate by eating together, and red envelopes with money inside will be given to children and unmarried people. Dragons are also common, as they also symbolize good luck.

The Chinese seem to be in very great need of good luck.

PsychicCaterpillar, which major festival will come second in 2015?

The Lantern Festival will come second, falling on March 5, 2015. This celebration, as it's name suggests, celebrates lanterns. The lanterns symbolize brightness and luck.

PsychicCaterpillar, which major festival will come third in 2015?

Qingming! In 2015, it will fall on April 5th. On this celebration, people honor the dead and begin farming. People also will fly lanterns. (Flying lanterns is quite common in most festivals)

PsychicCaterpillar, which major festival will come fourth in 2015?

The Dragon Boat Festival! This festival falls on the 5th day of the 5th lunar month, which, in 2015, will be June 20th. This festival is held to commemorate the death of Qu Yuan, a passionate poet who drowned himself. The boats searching for his body probably began the boat racing festivities. Children will wear incense bags to avoid sicknesses.

PsychicCaterpillar, which major festival will come fifth in 2015?

The Double Seventh Festival will come next, and will fall upon August 20 in 2015. It falls on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month. This festival is like the Valentine's day for us. It celebrates romance, and has a long story which accompanies it.

PsychicCaterpillar, which major festival will come sixth in 2015?

The Mid-Autumn festival will come sixth, and it will fall upon September 27th. During this festival, people will watch the moon and eat mooncakes. They will fly lanterns as well. This festival is also big for marriages and courtships and such.

PsychicCaterpillar, which major festival will come seventh in 2015?

The Double Ninth Festival, which will fall on October 21st. It falls on the ninth day of the ninth lunar month. This festival celebrates chrysanthemums, and also, in 1989, began to celebrate seniors.

PsychicCaterpillar, which major festival will come last in 2015?

The Winter Solstice Festival, which will fall on December 22nd. During this festival, people have fun in snow, eat dumplings, and fly lanterns.

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