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staff newsletter. february 2016.

Reminders from the Front Office

Time Sheets

  • Time sheets, along with session notes, are due by 12:00 noon on Monday for the previous week's work.
  • Include the setting (location of session) on each session note.
  • Only use black or blue ink on your session notes or they will be returned.
  • Include the start and end times as well as the YEAR on your session notes.
  • Time must be in 30 minute increments
  • If you are taking a picture of your session notes/time sheets, only capture the paper. Do not include outlining clipboards, hands, etc.
  • If your session note is two pages in length, insert a header that includes the following:

1. Page 2 of 2

2. Client's initials

3. Date (include the year)

We are getting several insurance audit requests for session notes, so please complete your session notes with the above in mind.


If the office does not have a copy of your Crisis Intervention Prevention (CPI) card, your CPI certification has expired/will soon expire, or you are a new employee without CPI training, there is mandatory CPI training coming up. This training is only held twice per year, so if you do not have a current card or you have never had this training, please do not miss this training unless ABSOLUTELY necessary.

The training will be held at the clinic on Saturday March 5th, beginning at 9:00am and last for six to eight hours.There will be a "working lunch" (lunch provided).

Remember to dress comfortably; the afternoon will involve "hands on" training.

This will be a 6-8 hour day whether this is an initial training class or a refresher class.


Homegrown Supervisors

Behavior Matters is looking to add BCBA/BCaBAs to our team.
Who is currently seeking certification? Who is interested?

Let Malorie or Rebeka know if you would like to become a part of the BCBA/BCaBA team.
Need more info.... Sign up for group supervision sessions

February Focus: SUPERVISION

"Sharing information, facilitating conversation, and listening to each other fosters trust and motivates people to want to do something good and productive. What I realized is that if we do find our dream job minus the dream leader, we have the ability to “lead up” and communicate our needs to our leader in order to create a successful relationship. This does require us as individuals to have good communication skills ourselves. An effective way to build on these skills for both you and your manager is to hold regular one-on-one meetings that will allow the two of you to discuss each other’s needs that will lead to goal accomplishment. After all, what should be equally important to the both of you is the success of the organization." (Ken Blanchard, 2012)

The goal of supervision is to ensure that an organization is running smoothly and to uphold the standards and mission of that organization.


Staff Birthdays: FEBRUARY

Rebecca South 2/11

Krystal Vargus 2/13

Olivia Colon 2/14

Laura Smith 2/21

Adan Iniguez 2/27

Staff Highlight

Hello everyone! My name is Malorie, and I am Rebeka's new assistant. I just moved to Alaska in December, and I am one internship away from finishing my Bachelor's degree in Human Services. I'm married. I have a crazy dog named Jupiter. I bake pies for fun. And I am excited to learn about ABA. I'll probably be in the back office if you need anything!


Behavior Matters is a pediatric clinic located in Alaska and Nebraska serving the Omaha, Eagle River, Anchorage, Mat-Su valley, and Juneau. We have a fantastic staff of Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA), Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analysts (BCABA), Registered Behavior Technicians (RBT) and Behavior Technicians. All of Behavior Matters' employees have experience and/or extensive education and training in the science of Applied Behavior Analysis. Many of our technicians are in school to become Board Certified. Each member of the Behavior Matters Team has been handpicked for their expertise, compassion and eagerness to serve families of children with developmental delays.

Alaska: 16941 N. Eagle River Loop Rd. • Eagle River, AK 99577 • 907-726-5330 office • 907-726-5366 fax
Nebraska: 7200 S. 84th St • LaVista, NE 68128 • 253-686-6958 cell • 855-726-5366 fax