Room 105 News

November 20, 2013

Dear Families:

Your students have been working diligently publishing their writing these past weeks. They are now ready to share their hard work! We will have our first publishing party next Tuesday, November 26. Families are invited to our Publishing/Friendship Fruit Salad Celebration from 1:15--2:20. Students will share their work, and we will also enjoy a "make your own fruit salad" bar.
If you are able, please bring prepared fruit to class for this celebration of our writing! There will be a sign up sheet for the celebration on the board outside our classroom tomorrow morning.

The Jefferson Food Drive is on! We seem to be low on donations this year, so if you are able, please send any non-perishable food to school with your student by this Friday, November 22nd.

Next week is Thanksgiving Break. There will be no school Wednesday through Friday. We will not have a homework packet either. Students will still be required to read at least 15 minutes each day. In the past few weeks, I have seen monumental gains in every student's reading skills. We are on a roll! First grade readers stay strong by reading every single day (even over vacations).

If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at:

Thank you,
Susanne Reed

In Class...

Reader's Workshop--Reading Strategies (What to do when we are stuck),
/Partner Reading/ Reading Non-fiction/ Building Reading Stamina/ Finding Word Chunks/ Story Retelling
Writer's Workshop--Writing Fiction Stories
Math--Concept of Subtraction, Subtraction Story Problems, Addition and Subtract facts within 10.
Spelling/Word Study-- Long /a/ spelled -ay, a_,e -ai
Social Studies-- Hannukah and Thanksgiving
Science-- Foss Unit--Solids

Classroom Wish List

**Unscented Baby Wipes
** 1 Bean Bag Chair for partner reading

Upcoming Events...

11/21 Assembly 8:15

11/27--12/2 Thanksgiving Break

1/7 Field Trip--Asian Art Museum, San Francisco

This Week's Word Wall Words...