Ham Beetle

By: Kate and Marti

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Basic Characteristics

Species: Rufipes

Size: 3.5-7 mm (adult size)

Shape: Straight sided, surface has indentations called punctures


  • Shiny, metallic green/black with red legs and antennae.
  • Light colored base of shoulders
  • Larvae has creamy color body with violet/grey upper surface


  • Feed on infesting larvae of blow flies, dermestidae, and piophilidae
  • Adults are surface feeders, larvae bore into dry meat
  • Red leg ham beetle attack bones, cheese, meats, guano, bone meal, etc.

Geographic Location

  • Throughout North America
  • Summers in the North
  • Other seasons in the South
  • Preferred Temperature: 86-93.2 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Can survive outdoors but prefers indoor

Life Cycle

  • Complete Metamorphisis
  • Eggs laid on the food material (hatch in 4-5 days)
  • Larvae goes through 3-4 instars (21 days)
  • In the last instar spins, a cacoon forms in which pupation occurs (20 days)
  • takes 6 weeks or longer depending on conditions
  • Under optimum conditions, the rate of population increase is 25 times per month.

Time Appearing on the Body

  • Arrives late on the body- around 3-6 months after death
  • This is the stage of Dry Decay
  • They feed on the dry skin and tendons of the body

Court Case

The Shakira Johnson Case:

  • Shakira Johnson, an 11 year old girl from Cleveland, was murdered by a suspected man.
  • Forensic entomologists proved that the suspected man was in prison at the time of Shakira's death.
  • Ham beetles and cheese-skipper flies, both late arrivers, helped provide time of death information.


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