Classroom Connection


Important Dates!

5/2- Special Olympics

5/3- Kindergarten Orientation, Spirit and MTSS 2:45

5/4- 2nd grade field trip

5/8- mClass EOY begins

5/9- PDP's due

5/10- PROGRESS REPORTS, School Nurse Day, GoGreen and Safety 2:45

5/12- Career Day, 1/2 day school, 1/2 day PD day

5/13- Color Run!

5/16- Data Meetings

5/17- SIT 2:45

5/18- Beg. Teachers meeting CO 3:30

5/24- 1st grade field trip

5/24-25 MTSS Planning

5/26- Science EOG, mClass closes, AR party

5/29- No School- Memorial Day

5/30- Reading EOG

5/31- Math EOG

6/1-6/2- Day 2 EOG testing and make ups

6/5- PK Field Day, 3-5 Game Truck

6/6- 3-5 Field Day

6/7- PK-2 Game Truck, PK Graduation, 5th grade luncheon, Spirit and Hosp. 2:45

6/8- Terrific Kids, EOY Celebration

6/9- Last Day of School! 1/2 DAY

Graphic Organizer of the Month- Multi Flow Map

Thinking process: This map is used to help us show relationships between events. It allows us to state causes of an event before (or to the left) of a stated event and effect after (or to the right) of the stated event. This map can also be used as a “partial” multi-flow map. This allows you to just focus on the causes OR effects of an event. For example, you could just focus on the outcomes of a flood or drought. Maybe you just want to focus of the events that caused a situation, like why two people became friends.

Graphic Organizer Resource

The link below provides numerous interactive graphic organizers.

Upcoming PD Day

Our last 1/2 day PD day will be May 12th from 1-3:45. The session will be held at our school in the library. I have planned a fun and engaging afternoon focusing on strategies to use for engagement during review. We will also participate in our first faculty Breakout EDU.

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Kagan Strategies for Test Prep

Kagan Strategies are very useful during testing season when we have a lot of material to review and still need to keep our students engaged.

Here are a 5 Kagan Structures you can easily integrate into your review.



Numbered Heads Together


Rally Robin

Teacher Feature

Shelby Smith shared with the staff how to take a deeper look into student data. This out of the box approach allows her to truly determine the needs of her students.

After attending the SAMR Mindshift Monday, Mrs Webster went to work implementing higher level technology with her classes. Students learned how to embed videos into presentations and shared during one of Mrs. Hood's visits.

Mrs. Knauss and Mrs. McCoy had well organized and very detailed MTSS folders. This is extremely important as we track the success of interventions over time.

Mrs. Wilkins is always willing to help her colleagues. Mrs. Chylene and Mrs. Wilkins worked together to provide strategies and support for a child with autism in Pre-K.

MTSS Close Out Procedures

1. Make sure all updates and revisions based on Mrs. Hood's review have been completed.

2. Following EOY assessments, review and update tier paperwork.

3. Continue to document interventions through the end of May.

4. Complete folder cover with information for next year's teacher (will be provided at next meeting).

*If you have any questions or need help see Betsy or Ann.