Mrs. Maloney's Kindergarten News

January 2016

Maternity Leave

First of all I'd like to welcome everyone back and wish you all a very Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a restful, fun, healthy and happy holiday break!

I can't believe I made it back before going into labor...but I'm glad I get this week to help ease Ms. Nikki, the students and all of you into my leave. We will see how long I last this week and get as much done as possible. I just want to use this newsletter to let you know some important information about my leave and how things will go while I am gone.


Ms. Nikki will be taking over and planning lessons just as I would have. She has a set of skills to follow and lessons will be planned according to those skills. These are the skills students are expected to learn for 3rd quarter.

Spelling and Reading Logs

Please keep in mind our two new programs beginning for 3rd quarter. Both spelling and reading logs are required skills for 3rd and 4th quarters and must be completed to earn credit and grades. Please refer to the information packets sent home before holiday break to refresh your mind and ask any questions you have THIS week. Both programs begin the week of January 18th!

Classroom Procedures

Although Ms. Nikki and I have spent a lot of time together and she is very aware with how I like to run my classroom, every teacher has their own way of doing things. The typical daily schedule and procedures will be followed including the behavior system and homework. However, Ms. Nikki is allowed to make minor changes as needed to make sure the class is following the rules and continuing to learn at their best abilities.


Obviously I will be unavailable while on leave so all communication will go through Ms. Nikki or Ms. Ashley. Ms. Nikki will not have an email address available to her so most communication will have to be through the phone. She is available to take phone calls only between 12pm and 1pm and between 3pm and 3:30pm. Ms. Ashley or Ms. Kathy may be contacted as well and a message will be passed on.

There will be no newsletters posted during my leave as well. We rather Ms. Nikki's focus be on lessons and student success. Please be aware of and read homework sheets each week for the most important news. Anything last minute will be communicated though notes home or e-mailed by Ms. Ashley.

Report Cards

2nd quarter report cards are scheduled to be sent home January 22nd. I am currently working on them now, but cannot guarantee when you will receive them considering I will be on leave. Conferences are not required this quarter and the report will consist of only the report card and PLP this quarter. 3rd quarter report cards will be completed by me upon my return from leave.