Values, Standards, Principles

By Jake Candler


My three life values are family , Spirituality, and Leisure

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Family is extremely important to me personally for many reasons. The main reason being that my parents and my sister are very supportive of me through even the most trying of times. I can count on them for advice to lead me in the right direction. By being able share triumphs and troubles with them, I form a seemingly inseparable bond of trust with them trust in them. It is essential in maintaining a healthy relationship with them that I do my best to reciprocate their support and love for me by cherishing them in even the little daily things that they do for me.


Religion can be the ultimate safe haven in life. Developing and maintaining a faithful relationship with God is something I hold very near and dear to my heart. Exploring the spiritual side of my life gives me great comfort and satisfaction. Lessons from the bible show me that in the end it is not about the amount of materialistic wealth or elaborate gifts we receive on birthday's and holiday's, life comes down to our character the choices we make, and how we treat our loved ones and the people around us. I feel religion not only gives me piece of mind but also helps me develop important life skills like leadership.


In life, the decisions we make have great influence on the path we take. So much of those decisions are consumed by the needs and desires of obtaining materialistic goods like wealth and job security. Don't get me wrong those are all valuable aspects of life. However in all the stress and worry trying to obtain these goods, it can be easy to lose sight of what is most important. Our time on earth. Because our life is about the most precious element we have to give. If we do not take the time to relax and unwind once and awhile, we can miss out on some of the very best things life has to offer. So spend your time wisely. The things you do and the choices and the people you associate yourself with matter so make every moment count.

Mission Statement

Traveling throughout life's journey, I am guided by my family and faith. Taking care to make beneficial and uplifting decisions for myself and others around me. Yet as I strive toward these goals, I invest my time wisely, never forgetting to enjoy what matters most, life.

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Self Control

I feel that this standard is important because alcohol can be very harmful for a body that is still developing both mentally and physical. Alcohol can effect not only your life but your friends and other family members as well. For this reason it is important to exercise self control.


Respect and compassion is essential to any functional relationship. It also shows you cherish and care about them.


Being honest shows character and pride within yourself and supports what you stand for.



Put forth best effort in all aspects of my life.

Service to Others

I believe part of being a well rounded human being is devoting time to help others in need of help.


Doing what you know is right even when know one is watching