Class description:

Drama is a fun-filled class where we take on the roles of various characters and make them our own. There is never a dull moment in Drama. Students are actively involved and striving to create believable characters. In class we produce two plays a year; students will rehearse and perform together.


Each student will have a responsibility to the productions in the form of a storyteller. Students are required to be in the theater for all dress rehearsals & performances at the designated time. Students are required to provide their own costume for each production.

Student Quotes:

“Drama is a fun-filled class where you learn the basic skills of an actor or actress.”

“Drama is a fun place to go because you can be yourself. It’s a class where you make friends, and you learn new ways to socialize and communicate with others.”

“Drama is a fun class where you perform plays, but best of all, it’s a class where you make friends. In Drama you play a part and have fun. Everyone knows everyone; we are like one big family.”

“You can be you when in Drama. Every day you find out who you are and who you want to be. It’s my favorite part, and it’s thrilling.”

“We are all one big family!”

“Drama is the most interesting, fun, entertaining, loud and active class on campus! We do two plays, lip-sync battles, and have lots of laughs. This class is really fun! I look forward to it every day, and it has been the highlight of my school year.”

“Join Drama, why not? It is fun, you get to make friends, and you get to do fun plays!”