Britney, Sidney, and Bailey

Exercise Impacts Health

One of the most simplest fluids changes the difference on how you exercise, water. You need to drink it throughout the day, especially if your continuously active in sports or other hardcore movements. Also, teens need to eat more nutrients because they are the most active and that's when they begin to grow. On average most teens need close to 2000-5000 calories a day.

Think About It!

Have you seen all of these marketings for adults to lose weight? We believe if you start inspiring young children around the world to eat right and stay active, 35 years later children will not have a problem to think about obesity, since they already are in habit exercising. Also, you have the ability to encourage anyone to exercise with you. Step by step there could be a change in the world to inspire people to exercise to be healthy and fit.

Types Of Exercise!

The four types of exercises are endurance, strength, balance, and flexibility. Endurance increases your heart rate and breathing. Strength increases your muscles. Balance improves you to stay focus and to be able to balance yourself. Flexibility makes you lumber and able to stretch your muscles. All of these exercise can help you in every day life to reach your goals to be fit.

Why Is It So Important?

Exercise benefits your level in mental health. You feel relieved and it makes you calm. Children exercise to get rid of depression and anxiety. Also, exercise helps your mood, so if you are upset or mad, exercise because it burns chemicals from your brain. Exercise also helps you get a good night sleep so you are motivated for the next day. Exercising can simply just make your body fit and you will have a happier life. It makes your muscles stronger, develop strong bones, and makes your heart and lungs pumping.


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