from President Jennifer Peterson


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It has been my pleasure to serve as your president over the past year. I have learned so much and have had some amazing conversations which I feel will lead to unique areas for IOWA AHPERD to explore and bloom over the next year.
While there were many great experiences over the past year, the IOWA AHPERD convention in Oskaloosa has to be the highlight for me. I started working on that convention January of 2014. We went way out of the box and tried a summer convention. You would be amazed at all the efforts I made to contact PE/Health teachers and members from around our state. I contacted every AEA, had the list of PE/Health teachers from around the state, and contacted all the superintendents in Iowa. This was no easy task, but hopefully we found a few new members. Our convention was amazing. I had 3 fabulous speakers that made a big impact in my life both professionally and personally.

During my time on the board, I started having video (zoom) chats with our board members. This saved us lots of travel time and saved IOWA AHPERD a lot of money that would of been spent on travel for members for meetings. These video chats allow us to meet in the comfort of our own homes or offices. I feel confident that this will change how many future "meetings" are conducted. I will say we are still "face to face" which is great! In my last meeting, we had someone in South Dakota, Des Moines, Cedar Falls, Cedar Rapids, Adel, North Liberty and along the Mississippi river attending our meeting.

I have stayed active on Twitter and just started using VOXER a bit more in recent months.
I have enjoyed all the opportunities that were provided to me during my year as president - elect and president. I am forever thankful and humbled for being your president.

Please feel free to contact me anytime!! I am now PAST president and will continue to be on the board for one more year. I look forward to seeing you all at the JUNE 2016 IOWA AHPERD convention.

Many thanks,
Jennifer Peterson

Past President - Tim Lane

We are so thankful to of had Tim Lane serving as one of our president's for the last 3 years. He has been such a blessing to our organization. Tim has brought a wealth of knowledge to IOWA AHPERD and we are so thankful. I know Tim will stay in touch with the board and help out in any way that he can. Tim, you will be missed in our phone calls, video chats and e-mails, but we know you aren't far to answer our calls.

Thank you again Tim for serving as IOWA AHPERD President-elect, President and Past President.
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A huge thank you to the following board members for severing with pride and diligence for our association. I am so thankful to them for an amazing year. We had many good conversations and moved forward with some big changes for the board.

Here are a few of the things we accomplished

*ad hoc committee formed to update our by-laws and op codes to fit our new board restructure
*Board restructure layout was completed and we voted on members to fill those roles
*ad hoc committee was created to look into creating IOWA Physical Education standards. (Iowa is currently the only state with no official state standards)
*Put on a wonderful 2015 IOWA AHPERD convention in Oskaloosa at William Penn University
*Represented IOWA at the National SHAPE America convention in Seattle, Washington
*Board members represented IOWA in Washington D.C. at SPEAK OUT DAY in February.
*Ben represented IOWA at LDC held in South Carolina in June.
*Represented IOWA at the Central District SHAPE America convention in Moorehead, MN.
*Bart is lighting up twitter and representing IOWA with awesome activities for K-5 kids.
*Kari is representing IOWA on VOXER chat.
*Betsy created a brand new website layout over the summer of 2015. This is much easier for her to update and the layout is fabulous!
*Started using newsletters to keep our members informed and up to date on the latest happenings with IOWA AHPERD.
*Hired new co-executive directors - Jan Grenko-Lehman (Iowa City and Jennifer Schnell Cedar Rapids)
*SBG panel at convention - convention attendee's were able to take part in a panel to discuss how IOWA teachers are using SBG in their classrooms. We are leading the way instead of being left on our behinds.....

PLEASE take time to get involved with your own professional development. I can't stress enough how important it is to use twitter. That might sound crazy to some of you, but the truth is, I have had better PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT using twitter than any other place this year (besides convention). We have an amazing group of PE/Health professionals around the world that are passionate about this profession. You won't be disappointed - IT'S UNBELIEVABLE!!! I have learned so many new ideas --- I know I am a better teacher this year because of twitter and now voxer too.

Many more discussions have taken place, and exciting things lie ahead for IOWA AHPERD as Ben Robison takes over as President.

2015 Exiting Board Members


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