Chapman Staff Update

October 26, 2019

Week 9:

Happy Saturday Chapman Staff! This is my favorite time of the year! I am so excited to end the month of October with an amazing week. We have a few new students that start this week. Please help them feel welcome to our family.

PBIS Club: We will do a movie this time around so we can organize the clubs and get supplies. For scheduling purposes we will have the movie on Wednesday.

K-2- 2:30-3:00

3-5- 3:00-3:30

I do not believe that those times interfere with any prep/specials.

Please add your students that did not make the party to the below google sheet so we have an idea of the number of students for the social skills group that day. Thank you!

BAT MEETING is Wednesday at 4:00 PM!

Halloween: Parade is at 1:30 PM. We will line up by grade level in the bus loop with the band leading the way. Parties will directly follow the parade. This is a hectic day, but one of my favorites! Please make sure you reach out if you have questions or concerns. If the weather is not cooperating, we will have the parade inside. The band sets up in the media center and I lead the parade by grade level around the building. (Pray for no rain!!!)

Guidance Center: Sarah will be here in the AM on THURSDAY to check in on some students and teachers. Groups will start the following week. We will send out that schedule ASAP. She will be here every Thursday. We are very lucky to have her- We are the only school she is working with this year :)

Morning Assistance: Please Actively Supervise once students enter the building at 8:25 AM


Indoor Recess: EEEEK! I don't want bad weather but we need to be prepared for it. Please make sure that you review indoor recess expectations AND have appropriate activities your class can participate in posted on the inside of your door. Remember you may not always have the same lunch monitor for indoor recess so we need the information in one spot. There may be times we can use the gymnasium but we will need to work our some procedures for that before we are able to do it.

E-BLAST and NEWSLETTER: Please Help! Please sign up for a month/week that you want to share what your class or grade have been learning. These E-blast items must be program/curriculum related and pictures should be included. This is your time to showcase your students to the community! The same idea applies to the newsletter. You are always welcome to send me items for the parent newsletters but I have created a schedule for everyone. Families love to see what their children are doing at school and love pictures. This way I will always have a grade level or activity to showcase in the building every week. Here is the link to the schedule:

Please do not hesitate to ask question if you have them.


Big picture
Big picture

This Week's Schedule

Monday 10/28:

All Principal's Meeting - Leslie out in AM

Coach's Meeting- Immediately following Principal Meeting

Tuesday 10/29:

Leslie Out- Lisa is Acting Admin

8:30- IEP

9:00- IEP

1:30 Bible Study

4:00- Staff Workout

Wednesday 10/30:

12:30 REED

2:30-3:30 PBIS Club/Movie

4:00 BAT Meeting

Thursday 10/31:

Sarah here in the AM

Halloween Parade 1:30

Staff Workout 4:00 PM??? (Canceled or Rescheduled due to Halloween?)

Friday 11/01:

Half Day

TWD in the PM

Staff Meeting Dates

Due to some changes in my personal schedule, besides our first staff meeting, we will run all staff meetings on Wednesdays at 4-5 PM. Please see below for exact dates. Please honor this time and arrange appointments and other after school activities around these dates. If there are any conflicts please see me well in advance.














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