Tigerette Times

Week of January 4

Weekly Announcements

  • Pep Rally is this Friday!

  • Our Contest Company Dress Rehearsal is on Saturday!

Upcoming Calendar Events

Please view the online calendar for a detailed list of all practices and performances.

This Week:

January 15 - Pep Rally!
January 16 - Contest Company Dress Rehearsal. Details below.

Next Week:

January 21 - Basketball Game performance. Dismissal at 7:00 pm.

Contest Company Dress Rehearsal- January 16th


  • Officers - 8:45am
  • Pom - 9:00am
  • Novelty - 11:00am
  • Hip Hop - 1:30pm

Need to be dropped off prior to your call time? That is fine! BUT, the earliest you can be dropped off is at 8:30am.


  • Team - 4:00pm
  • Officers - 4:30pm

WHAT TO WEAR: black leo, black hot shorts, tan jazz shoes, black sports bra
WHAT TO BRING: earrings, team tennis shoes, water, snacks/lunch (if you are only in hip hop, you do not need to bring a lunch), bobby pins, hairpray/gel.
HAIR: left parted low ponytail - slicked back and secure. Use bobby pins and hairspray/gel to help secure your hair.