Connections to Greek Mythology

About the Book

The book Perfect, written by Natasha Friend, is about a girl named Isabelle who is dealing with the loss of her father. Her mother is grieving and not there for her daughters as much as she should be, and her sister is annoying her with a million questions about the death. When her sister, who she calls Ape Face, finds her in the bathroom making herself throw up she tells her mother and Isabelle's life is changed for the better. Her mother makes a deal with her that she has to go to group therapy to deal with what shes doing. There in group she surprisingly sees the most popular, pretty , and perfect girl in her grade named Ashley. Throughout the book we get to see the struggles Isabelle goes through with her family, her ED, and herself. Its a roller coaster ride trying to cope with everything but with the help of her therapist Trish, her family, and friends she is able to overcome and talk about her problems.

Some of the Characters

Dealing with no Father

In the book Isabelle is dealing with the loss of her father. In dealing with the loss of her father she becomes bulimic and says that is her way of coping with his unexpected death. Her family suffers just as much as she does, missing him daily. In the Greek myth Perseus his father didn't die but e is not present at all through Perseus's life. In this happening it makes his mother lonely and himself. But, having been through a traumatic loss it is teaching both Isabelle and Perseus how to be strong and be there for their family.

Trying to Feel Accepted

In the myth Perseus, he tries to be accepted by his soon to be father in law and agrees to the task to kill Medusa, in hopes that he will learn to like Perseus and keep him in the family so he can stay close to his mother. In the book Perfect, Isabelle makes her self sick because she is still very upset over the loss of her father, she also wants to lose weight so she can feel accepted by the popular people at her school and society.

Completing the Task/Deal

In the book Perfect Isabelle's sister finds her making herself throw up and tells their mother. Her mother makes a deal with her that if she will go to group or "therapy" for her problem. In the Greek myth Perseus his mothers soon to be husband makes a deal with Perseus and sends him on a task to kill Medusa.

Feeling Insecure

In both the myth and the book both main characters feel very insecure when they are with their family and out in public.

Natasha Friend

Author of this fabulous book!