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Eastlake Middle School 04.8.2019

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Mighty Tritons


Welcome back from the break. It's going to be a sprint from here on out. Don't forget to practice good self-care as we wind down the school year. We are in the process of uploading the master schedule and hopefully having our first rough draft soon. I plan to meet with our Department Chairs and SEA reps soon to discuss any master schedule concerns. Also, some of you have not completed your preference sheet that includes extra-duty opportunities. Here is the link, otherwise we will work with what we have. Please be mindful of the following:

A. SBAC Testing. It is right around the corner. Dean will be preparing our testers for the upcoming testing season. Let's encourage our students to do their best. It would help tremendously to expose them to the testing format. Please follow up with Dean in regards to any questions regarding the testing season.

B. Shirt Sizes. I am going to be placing an order soon for our opening day spirit gear for next year. Would you kindly fill out this google form by this Friday. Only I will see it. I think you will enjoy the gear!

C. WEB Leaders. Start thinking about those great 7th graders who can be great orientation leaders and mentors throughout next school year. The ASB kiddos will be placing a few copies of the WEB Invite letter in 7th grade teacher mailboxes on Monday. Please consider giving it to students who would make a great fit for the program. An informational meeting for students interested in being a part of WEB will be held on April 16 during 7th grade lunch. Details application process will be shared at this meeting. Students do not need to be given the invite letter by a staff member to attend the meeting or apply.

D. Student Concerns. As we get closer to the end of the year, we tend to see a spike in student emotional, academic and behavioral issues. Let's utilize as many of our services as possible including our amazing counselors. Remember to encourage some of our 8th graders who have struggled in the past that if they pass this semester they promote! Also, use those shells to recognize students! It makes my day to call a student's parents and tell them about their awesome child. It strengthens your relationship as well with the student.

E. Common Syllabus and Yubbler. In the spirit of collegiality and creating equitable practices, please make sure you use these last few PLC meetings to focus on creating those shared practices and beliefs. The syllabus is due May 31st. Let me know if you need support at one of your PLC meetings. Also, I want to us to consider Yubbler for a fundraiser. It will require our departments to have similar beliefs about material necessary for their classes. This can be a tremendous opportunity for us!

F. Summer Opportunities. Be on the lookout for some great teaching and learning opportunities. Below are some of my favorites!

Let's have a great ending to the school year. As always, let me know of your concerns, questions and/or suggestions. Go Tritons!

A Message from our Assistant Principals!

We are working on implementing Restorative Practice (RP) strategies to our school policies and practices next year. If you want to familiarize yourself with the practice, please check out this short video. For more detailed information, please see this link for what it is considered to be the defining organization for this practice. I want to be clear about this one point: Students will still receive disciplinary action according to their behavior and school guidelines. However, the key to RP is what we do next to make sure the student learns from this behavior and how they return to the classroom with a new perspective and a sense of responsibility to the community. It is about teaching on the importance of relationships and it should be pro-active. We will be developing a series of professional development opportunities around this topic. Thank you to the culture and climate team for helping out!

Safety Tip of the Week: Have a hard copy of your attendance ready at all times—this will help in the event of an evacuation.

We came across these awesome opportunities from Sea World and Disneyland. You might want to check them out!

District Arts Award Ceremony!

Awesome Artists!

Thank you Mrs. Arroyo and amazing ELM artists for sharing your talents with the world!
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Read Across America with Eastlake Elementary and Middle School Students

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Read Across America with Eastlake Elementary and Middle School Students

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The ELM Read Across America Team!

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Teamwork (Triton Trait of the Month!)

We have all heard many of the inspiring words or belief systems around the concept of Teamwork -- Teamwork makes the dream work, There is no "I" in team, We > Me, If you want to go faster, go alone. If you want to go farther, go as a team, Together Everyone Achieves More. Indeed, many of us have been part of great teams through work, athletics, band and community organizations. At the heart of any team is the belief that everyone can contribute their own talents in a positive manner to better achieve goals. The most difficult part of being a great team member is surrendering the ego for a bigger cause. This month we celebrate those teachers and students who exemplify the concept of teamwork. Let's recognize those special individuals who do everything possible to help everyone succeed and is a great team member. They are selfless and promote others. Team Triton!

Check out our library of resources that we can use to discuss the Triton Traits with our students. Please feel free to add links to any documents you have created (upload to google drive and copy link) or links to videos, articles, and images you have found online that we can all use to share with our students.

Also, consider nominating students for Triton of the Week who exemplify the Triton Trait of Teamwork.

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Week At A Glance

Nutrition Break Supervision April 8-12: Team E - Zavala, Barr, McNamee, D. Torres, Thacker, Rowen, Schult, Villegas, Cherry, Davis, A. Torres, Owen

Monday, April 8

  • All students and Staff return from Spring Break (Block A Day, 3:15 Dismissal)
  • ELHS Counselor Presentations (US History Classes)
  • Mountain Bike Club Meeting (4:15 Salt Creek Park)

Tuesday, April 9

  • ELHS Counselor Presentations (US History Classes)
  • Dungeons & Dragons Club Meeting (3:15 Rm. 418)
  • Mountain Bike Club Meeting (4:15 Salt Creek Park)

  • Wednesday, April 10

    • 7th Grade Science Nature Walk (Rapp, Rowen, Niboli)
    • ELHS 9th Grade Registration/Course Selection (US History Classes, Pavilion)
    • OHS 9th Grade Registration/Course Selection (US History Classes, Library)
    • Art Club Meeting (3:15 Rm. 206)
    • Cyber Security Club Meeting (3:15 Rm. 312)

    Thursday, April 11

    • 7th Grade Science Nature Walk (Rapp, Rowen, Niboli)
    • ELHS 9th Grade Registration/Course Selection (US History Classes, Pavilion)
    • OHS 9th Grade Registration/Course Selection (US History Classes, Library)
    • ASB Lunch Activity: Lip Sync (Pavilion)
    • Robotics Team Practice (3:30 Rm. 604)
    • Talent Show (6:00 Pavilion)

    Friday, April 12

    • ELHS 9th Grade Registration/Course Selection (US History Classes, Pavilion)
    • Impact 7/8 Bible Study (Lunch Rm. 914)
    • Cyber Security Club Meeting (1:00 Rm. 312)
    • Robotics Team Practice (1:00 Rm. 604)
    • DLI Skills Test for Incoming 7th Graders (1:30 Rm. 717)

    Saturday, April 13

    • 7th Girls Volleyball vs. RDR (10:00 SOH)
    • Boys Volleyball vs. HTM (11:00 SOH)
    • 8th Girls Volleyball vs. BVM (12:00 SOH)
    • 8th Girls Volleyball vs. MOM (1:00 SOH)

    Down The Road

    ELM Facility Calendar

    The ELM Facilities Calendar will be ran on the linked Google Calendar. Please note that we will no longer be updating the outlook calendar from 1st semester.

    Hyperdoc Link

    Click here to access the Hyperdoc for ELM.

    Nominate a Sweetwater Star!

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