Ryszard Jerzy Kuklinski

A Cold War Hero

Polish Colonel Ryszard Kuklinski helped the CIA discover Communist party plans to attack the NATO. He also provided the exact locations of command and control bunkers, plus the techniques employed to foil to spy satellite detection AND plans for the imposition of the martial law in Poland.

As we know, the Cold War ended in 1989 when the URSS was dissolved by Gorvachev (and with this, the fall of the Communist party). Kuklinski's actions were clue to this procedure. In them, it depended the actions that the US took towards the URSS.
The Cold War hero then came to the US as an political refugee and a few years later was naturalized american citizen. He has to leave his country because he wasn't very recognized by it as a hero, since there was a movement called Solidarity (with Lech Walesa in its front) that was trying to stop the comunist abuse in Poland, so they think that his acts lessen the value of the movement's actions.

In my opinion, it was only fair that he was recognized as much as the Solidarity movement. The difference is that he helped the US and Solidarity helped the own Poland come out of the Communist hell they were suffering.