Team Berkshire

STAT Newsletter October 2015 Edition


Don't forget to remind students to have their parents log-in to BCPS One. The first class to reach 100% registration will receive a freeze pop party courtesy of Ms. Brooks & Mrs. Clinton. What a great way to cool off from the heat next week!

If parents have misplaced their Parent Verification Letter, a new one can be printed for them. You can email me to let me know or have the parents email me directly at

*Having parents sign-in to BCPS One is a county wide initiative*

Internal verse External Passwords

Internal passwords are to be used to log-in to computers and BCPS One. External passwords are assigned to students to use when they are visiting a site that doesn't work through a single sign on (BCPS One). Teachers can walk students through the sign-in process and then provide students the the external password BCPS has given. Examples of sites that would require external passwords are Edmodo and Edutyping.

Dreambox Learning

Dreambox learning is ready to use. Grades 1-3 have access through BCPS One. We were fortunate to receive 40 additional licenses for our school. Students in grades 4 and 5 will be chosen to use these additional licenses. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact myself or Adam.

Teaching Tool to Try

Paste youtube URL's into the search area and watch your pre-viewed video commercial free.