Design for Social Sustainability


Learn how you can use sustainability science and its principles in your praxis to design lasting and positive results in your organization and communities


Social sustainability is about building the relational capacity and cultural qualities that strengthens the resilience and expands the creative potential of our communities and our organizations. It is also about respecting specific scientific sustainability principles. As it turns out there are only five ways for any social system to be unsustainable.

To find out what these 5 principles are join our short online course where you will take part in two interactive sessions through which you will be equipped with the most relevant frameworks and models from the field of social sustainability science. This will enable you to design and innovate practices, services, systems and products that promote social sustainability. You will have the chance to meet and work together with passionate and aspiring sustainability practitioners. Furthermore, you will be applying key frameworks to your own personal praxis and your own organizational reality.
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SESSION 1 – Understanding the Sustainability Challenge & the Principles of Social Sustainability:

During a three-hour online session, we will provide you with various models that can help you understand and apply social sustainability. In group dialogues, you will then proceed to apply these frameworks to analyze the present moment through this particular lens. The goal is to become familiar with the overall language around social sustainability and open up the perspectives for potential applications of these frameworks in your work life.

ACTION LEARNING PERIOD – Testing the Principles in Praxis:
During a two-week period, you will commit to the assignment of applying the key frameworks in your working life and take note of its effects and the challenges and possibilities you discover during your attempts to integrate these frameworks in your personal praxis and/or organizational work. The goal is that you become familiar with the appropriate use of the frameworks and identify some of the improvement potentials that are associated with the successful integration of these frameworks in your praxis and in the operations of your organizations. It is also a goal that the frameworks may serve as a reflective prism through which you can see your own practice and your organization in new lights.

SESSION 2 – Learning from our Praxis and a Deeper Dive into Social Systems Theory, Organizational Practices and Design Processes for Sustainability:
During a three-hour online session, we will share our experiences and help each other extract and formulate essential insights that we can take away for future improvements to our personal praxis and organizational work. We will also dive deeper into social systems theory, organizational practices and design processes that promotes and solves for social sustainability. The goal is to achieve a deepened understanding of social sustainability and its connection to crisis situations, like the current pandemic.


Join this course, if you are a leader, service or product designer, project manager, organizational development consultant, responsible for driving sustainable development or you might be a person, who ensures that the networks, teams and departments of your organization are characterized by high levels of social cohesion, collaboration and a capacity to collectively solve complex tasks now and for the future.


  • Explore various frameworks for understanding the link between design, science and social sustainability – specifically you will become familiar with the evidence-based Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development, known from The Natural Step.
  • Reflect in groups around perspectives on the present moment in history in relation to sustainability in general – you will have the chance to meet and work with passionate, likeminded people.
  • Apply social sustainability frameworks to your personal – you will have the chance to methodically recalibrate your perception of and thinking around the systems you engage in.
  • Extract learning and insights to strengthen our social systems for the future – you will contribute to the co-creation of context specific as well as general learning through an action-learning approach.


The unique KAOSPILOT methodology and pedagogical approach is built around a rigorous training platform that dynamically combines theory, practice and reflection into a blended learning journey.You will be applying tools and theory, which you will be learning through practical exercises and application. Our approach enables you to acquire different mindsets for you to apply in your work, including experimentation, exploration, rigorous crafting and taking initiative.


Wednesday, Aug. 19th, 2-5pm

This is an online event.

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Wednesday, Sep. 2nd, 2-5pm

This is an online event.

Zoom link will be provided after sign up

PRICE: EUR 320,- (ex. tax)


Mikkel Pilgaard Madsen

Mikkel has 10+ years experience working with consulting, entrepreneurship and sustainability.

Mikkel is a Kaospilot Alumni from Team18 and also holds an MSc in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability from Blekinge Institute of Technology in Sweden.

Today he works independently as a strategic advisor, leadership coach and organizational consultant focused on projects, products and partnerships related to sustainable development.