By: Cambrin Lunn

Neuroparasitology is a science where science meets science fiction

Rick Grimes 6

The Walking Dead Theme Oficial by Rick Grimes 6

pernicious parasites turns victims into ZOMBIES

There is one group of parasites that is particularly pernicious. These are the parasites that hijack their victims' nervous systems, reducing them to zombies.

Anelosimus octavius

In the rain forests of Costa Rica lives a species of spider that sometimes displays a strange habit.

sometimes these spiders abandon their own webs and build different ones, a home not for the spider but for a parasitic wasp that has been living inside it. Then the spider dies, a zombie architect, its brain hijacked by its parasitic attacker and out of the body crawls the wasp’s larva, which has been growing inside of it all this time.

Toxoplasma gondii

When a rat is infected by a parasite, Toxoplasma gondii, it loses its fear of cats.