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Welcome Back To School!

Welcome back Greenpower teachers and supporters. It is our hope that you all had a great summer, and return to your students re-energized for the '18/'19 school year and race season. We have been working hard over the summer to improve upon the opportunities offered to you and your students, and it is our hope that you and your students are as excited to get back started as we are. We are happy to announce that over the summer the GreenpowerUSA program spread to it's 320th team and 17th state. Thank you all for making this possible and we look forward to seeing where the future of this program takes us all.

Below you will see details from the upcoming race season.

2018/2019 Race Schedule (Current)

We look forward to bringing you another great season at the venues and dates listed below. We are still in talks for several other races that, if secured, will be announced at a later date.

  • October 6th: Chambers County Grand Prix (La Fayette, AL) F24, Custom
  • October 20th: Goblin Games (Huntsville, AL) Goblin Only
  • October 27th: Talladega Gran Prix Challenge (Munford, AL) F24
  • November 10th: Toyota Classic @ Jemison High School (Huntsville, AL) F24, Custom
  • April 25th: GEAR UP Race (Tooele, Utah) F24, Goblin, Custom
  • April 27th: Goblin Cup (Huntsville, Al) Goblin Only
  • May 4th: Grissom Gran Prix (Huntsville, Al) F24, Custom

If you are interested in directing a race in your area contact us to today at We will be more than happy to help you with this process.

2018/2019 Technical and Sporting Regulations (IMPORTANT)

We highly encourage each and every team to read the revised 2018/2019 rulebook linked below. We have made several changes that will allow this race season to be bigger and better than ever before. If at any time now, or throughout the season you would like to request a clarification or modification of a rule we ask that you email and follow the formal process linked below.

Team Number Registration (IMPORTANT)

NEW TEAMS: Each car must submit a request for a race number in the form linked below Upon approval, this number will be assigned to this car until a request for change is submitted. It will now be on each team to apply this number on their car according to regulation T13.4. GreenpowerUSA will no longer distribute the circular car number stickers as before. To apply for your car number for the 2017/2018 race season complete the form below.

RETURNING TEAMS: If you wish to change your car number from the list linked below please submit that request via the "Race Number Change Request" form linked below.


Any questions or comments can be directed to us by email at
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