Arthropod Dissection

Joseph Buks PAPBio 4/8/14

Melanoplus differentialis

The grasshopper's phylum is Arthropoda and its class is Insecta. The grasshopper lives all over the world in grassy areas. Arthropod means jointed appendage because of the fact that the major adaptation the phylum Arthropoda gained was jointed appendages. These can in fact be seen today in the grasshoppers six jointed legs.


Students will learn the external anatomy of crayfish and grasshoppers (arthropods).
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Interesting Facts

  • Grasshoppers are best known for their ability to jump long distances
  • Grasshoppers have to molt
  • Female grasshoppers lay egg pods (sometimes containing 25 eggs)
  • Grasshoppers plant their eggs a couple of inches into the ground