Poverty in Africa

Poverty is the cause of hunger in Africa and elsewhere. People do not have sufficient income to purchase enough food. Conflict and drought, for example, are certainly important causes of hunger, but the most typical situation is that people just do not have enough income to purchase the food that they need. For example in 2008, 47 percent of the population of sub-Saharan Africa lived on $1.25 a day or less, a principal factor in causing widespread hunger.

Striving to alleviate the suffering from hunger, illiteracy, diseases, and poverty in the Horn of Africa.

It was founded in 2010 by ahlem Ben-Othman. A recent project is the dairy cow.

The purpose of this project is to provide the family a source of income by selling the milk as well as consuming it. A family can expect an average income to be $100 a month.

The three ways that you can help

Donating is a huge one with being able to donate as little as $20 to donating $500. People may also be able to sponsor an orphan form the Horn of Africa. Last but not least you can volunteer to build a well,school, and a lot more things. Any of these would help the Horn of Africa become a more healthier place.


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