Tour thourgh the live of artists


We will go to Amsterdam to see where Sweelinck lived and played his music.

Deventer, Netherlands

This is where Sweelick was born.

Saint-Ghislain, Belgium

We will go to Saint-Ghislain, Belgium to see where Ockeghem was born and lived.

Mons, Belguim

We will see were Lassus was born and lived.

Hainaut, Belgium

This where Josquin was born and lived.

Paris, France

We will go to The church of Notre Dame.

Milan, Italy

This is were Josquin worked for a while.

Rome, Italy

Josquin work for the pope so we will visit Rome.


Josquin work under the service of Louis XII until 1503 in Ferrara, Italy

Naples, Italy

Lassus worked there for some time