Grade 6 Extended

Grade Newsletter Term 2- Week 10


Virtue of the week : Forgiveness

Forgiveness is giving someone another chance when they have done something wrong, knowing that everyone makes mistakes. It is making amends instead of taking revenge. It is important to forgive yourself, too. Forgiving yourself means to stop punishing yourself or feeling hopeless because of a mistake. Forgiveness is moving ahead, ready, to act differently, with compassion for yourself and faith that you can change.
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This Week...Elementary My Dear Watson!

A week which witnessed CSI's newest highly trained recruits begin to solve the Crime of the Century! In our mini investigation teams we started the process of tracking down the fiend who committed this crime and working out what they did! However, no guess work allowed. We are following many lines of inquiry using our scientific investigation skills. Furthermore, we are now leading our own investigations. In writing our suspense stories began. Our big focus areas have been characterization, setting and suspense writing techniques. In reading our books draw close to the resolution but will all end well for the main characters? Next week all will be revealed!


UES - data handling competition winner

Eun Soo Parks
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This week in Maths

The winner of the graph competition has been revealed. The winner is, drum roll, pleaseā€¦

Park Eun Soo! His 3-D graph was creatively created with Art materials and the information was presented accurately. The other children also put in great effort in designing the graphs too! One student even created a poster graph with a question to stimulate our thinking! Two of the Grade 6 children did a fantastic job by being the comperes of the Maths assembly. Well done, Emma.P and Evan! With that, the Maths week has officially concluded with a blast.

The Grade 6 children consolidated their Pie Chart topic with a test on Friday. Then, they are going to work on Volume. The children have worked on the basics of finding the volume in Grade 5. In Grade 6, we are working more on finding an unknown side of a cuboid, given the volume. Time and fraction will be integrated in this topic. Therefore, children will be encouraged to practise their four operations involving fractions so they will be confident in facing Volume word problems that integrate fractions in them.


The suspense continues with even more evidence been found!

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Putting a case together! This week the children were looking closely at the evidence discovered at the crime scene, trying to decipher whether the evidence was related to the crime committed or merely a red herring. Each piece of evidence was investigated and children tried to make explicit correlations between the evidence and the theories which they held.

Having looked at the evidence, the children began to utilise their knowledge gained from the mini trials to actually test the evidence samples; in order to build their case against suspects. The case will then be presented at the court hearing on Wednesday 25th March.

Language Arts

This week our creativity went into overdrive. Each writing session was packed to the brim with awesome adjective, sensational verbs, brilliant personification, marvelous metaphors and super similes. The vivid images of suspense flowed all through the week. Our stories took our fearful characters on a journey they will never wish to repeat! From moments of calm and happiness to enveloping darkness and something hidden in the shadows watching their every move. We thoroughly enjoyed terrifying our characters. We are now fully aware how best to create suspense in our writing with a bank of quality suspense writing techniques to enrich our writing. Next week we will publish our class book of suspense stories. A Number 1 hit in the making!

Home learning tasks this week:

Spellings: Children will need to practice their spellings this week which focus on compound words. The sentence task attached to the spelling sheet focuses on creating metaphors which will hopefully be embedded within this weeks suspense writing task.

Spellings due in : Monday 23rd March

Test : Monday 23rd March

Writer's notebook:

Children to complete 1 piece of writing. Children must choose a theme from a previously planted seed and completed a finished product. If a poster or leaflet are the chosen theme, these must also be detailed and make use of sentence and word level conventions practiced in class.

Steps to success for writing:

- writing must show understanding of complex sentences

- make best use of adjectives

- show knowledge of at least 4 types of punctuation

- must be up-levelled using a purple pen (another colour if purple is not available)

Due in : Monday 23th March

Key Dates

Exit Point - Court Case - Wednesday March 25th 10.45 am

Grade 5 Production - Monday March 23rd and Wednesday March 25th at 7 pm in ES Hall (tickets on sale in school office)

UES HEART Program Open Evening - Tuesday April 14th at 7.30 pm in ES Hall

Home Learning Science Investigation Presentation - Friday March 27th

Home Learning Project

Home Learning in Unit of Work (Final week of preparation!)

During this unit of work, children will be working on a long term project which will be due in on Friday 27th March. They will be conducting their own scientific investigations at home in response to a question of their choice. They will need to effectively plan and carry out their investigation, presenting their results to their classmates. They will have to follow strict investigation protocol.

Detailed project outlines will be given out in the first week of term and children will be expected to submit their progress weekly to the class teacher for guidance. Furthermore, examples from last year will be presented to the children to inspire!

We look forward to seeing some of the very exciting projects we have been hearing about!

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