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Principal's Corner

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Dear Families,

On Monday, April 19, we will be welcoming our middle school students back to in-person instruction. Thank you to the middle school team for your creativity and problem-solving in helping design the plan for middle school re-entry. With so many more moving pieces this time around, we were able to learn from our elementary reopening experience and layer in supports to make middle school re-entry a seamless experience. I look forward to hearing updates on how things are going!

Last week, it was announced that I have the privilege of remaining in the principal role of Lent School. Thank you for your support! I am proud of our school community and look forward to serving the community in the years to come.

We had hoped to celebrate so many positive things happening in our community last Friday with our ice cream social. Unfortunately, we made the decision to reschedule the event out of an abundance of caution, given the incident that took place Friday morning in Lents Park.

To be clear, at no point was our school in danger. Knowing many of our families would be walking/traveling from the Lents Park area to our school, we determined it would be safest for all involved if we did not contribute to increased traffic in and around the park, given the events that were unfolding.

In response to the potential trauma that our students and staff may be experiencing as a result of the incident on Friday, we will have trained district staff on site on Monday to support as needed.

As many of you know, I am expecting my first child in the coming week. This Monday (4/19), I will begin maternity leave, which will last through the end of the school year. In my absence, Crystal Gassert, our current Assistant Principal, will serve as interim Principal, and Vanessa Martinez, a former administrator in PPS who is currently serving as a Teacher On Special Assignment in the Central Office, will serve as interim Assistant Principal.

I’m confident that these two leaders can continue our positive momentum forward and finish the school year strong. I look forward to picking back up with our staff and leadership team when I return in August.

Be Well,

Principal Berg

Here’s a little information about Vanessa Martinez, our interim Assistant Principal. Thanks, Vanessa, for supporting our Lent community!

Vanessa joins Lent from her support role as MTSS (Multi-Tiered Systems of Support) TOSA for the district. She is a former administrator in K-8 schools in PPS and has taught language arts at the high school level in Hillsboro and Northern California. Vanessa is a native Spanish speaker, and also fluent in French having been raised in the international school system in Spain and Switzerland. She sees herself as a lifelong learner who enjoys nurturing curiosity and a sense of belonging. She teaches classes at Portland State in the Education program for incoming teachers. She enjoys traveling, trying new recipes and flavors, road biking, and spending time with family in the outdoors whenever possible. Vanessa says she is excited to be part of the wonderful Lent community, welcoming students back to in-person learning, and having a successful close to this strange year!

Vanessa se une a Lent desde su rol de apoyo como MTSS TOSA para el distrito. Ella es una ex administradora en las escuelas K-8 en PPS y ha enseñado Ingles a nivel de escuela secundaria en Hillsboro y el norte de California. Vanessa es una hablante nativa de español y también habla francés con fluidez, ya que se crió en el sistema escolar internacional en España y Suiza. Ella da clases en Portland State en el programa de Educación para maestros entrantes. Le gusta viajar, probar nuevas recetas y sabores, ir en bicicleta y pasar tiempo con la familia al aire libre siempre que sea posible. Vanessa dice que está emocionada de ser parte de la maravillosa comunidad de Lent, dar la bienvenida a los estudiantes al aprendizaje en persona y tener un cierre exitoso de este año tan extraño.

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Fechas importantes

  • 04/19 - conectar a kindergarten 9am - 10am
  • 04/19 - bienvenidos middle school

Important Dates

  • 04/19 - Kinder Connect 9am - 10am
  • 04/19 - Welcome Middle School Hybrid Students! First day back on campus! A special email/ newsletter went home to families with details this weekend.


The ice cream social that was scheduled to take place last Friday will be rescheduled. Please look for communication around the new date.
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Recordatorios y recursos sobre COVID ~

El esfuerzo que todos están haciendo para combatir el COVID está marcando la diferencia: la cantidad de casos, hospitalizaciones y muertes ha disminuido drásticamente desde este invierno, pero la pandemia no ha terminado. Estamos muy emocionados de regresar a la escuela, y la primavera ha llegado, llamándonos afuera para días hermosos ... pero debemos mantener las prácticas de salud que mantendrán a todos a salvo:

  • Quédate en casa si estás enfermo
  • Use una máscara cuando esté adentro con otras personas con las que no vive: en la escuela, en una tienda, en un autobús / MAX, en un restaurante, etc.
  • Mantenga una distancia social de 6 pies cuando esté fuera de casa
  • LLávese las manos con frecuencia e inmediatamente después de regresar a casa
  • Si es posible, use una máscara limpia / nueva todos los días y considere lavar la ropa de la escuela con más frecuencia

La mejor manera de proteger a los seres queridos es mediante la práctica de medidas de seguridad fuera del hogar: mantener a Covid fuera del hogar usando una máscara, manteniéndose a una distancia de 6 pies y practicando la higiene de las manos ralentiza la propagación dentro de nuestra comunidad y en nuestro hogar.

Como una forma de traer recursos y proporcionar información sobre COVID, algunos de nuestros socios comunitarios se reunieron y crearon una página web de recursos comunitarios COVID-19. Alentamos a todos a que se tomen un momento para revisar la página web. Hay diferentes elementos para descargar, videos cortos sobre la educación y los seminarios web de COVID.


COVID Reminders and Resources ~

The effort that everyone is making to combat COVID is making a difference - the number of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths has dropped dramatically since this winter - but the pandemic is not over. We are so excited to be getting back into the school, and Spring has arrived, calling us outside for beautiful days...but we need to keep up the health practices that will keep everyone safe:

  • Stay home if sick
  • Wear a mask when inside with other people you don't live with - at school, in a store, on a bus/MAX, in a restaurant, etc...
  • Maintain 6ft social distance when outside the home
  • Wash your hands frequently, and immediately upon returning home
  • If possible, use a clean/new mask everyday and consider laundering school clothing more frequently

The best way to protect loved ones is by practicing safety measures while outside the home - keeping Covid outside the home by wearing a mask, staying 6ft distance, and practicing hand hygiene slows the spread within our community as well as our household.

As a way to bring resources and provide information about COVID, some of our community partners got together and created a COVID-19 Community Resource webpage. We encourage everyone to take a moment to look over the webpage. There are different items to download, short videos surrounding COVID education and webinars.


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PPS Multilingual Family Resources Website

Please see letter from Principal Berg about new resources during the reopen hybrid plan
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COVID-19 Community Resource Center

Please see the COVID-19 Community Resource Center Website for information about resources that support the Lent community!


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Dual Language Immersion Update

Please review this letter from Director Michael Bacon regarding the shift to DLI Credit by Proficiency.



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Kindergarten registration open NOW!

As we are getting ready to wrap up the school year, we want to remind everyone that if you or know anyone who is going to have a 5 year old come September, registration for kindergarten Fall 2021 is now open! We encourage families to register by August 1st so that we as a school can plan according and ensure the best possible experience for your new kindergartener!

Online registration is encouraged due to COVID however if you need help or would like a paper copy please contact our school secretary Paola Cabrera Perez at pcabreraperez@pps.net or you can call the office at 503-916-6322

We look forward to having your kindergarten at Lent in 2021!

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Lent Library!

A Note from our Librarian - Ms. Hanson:

The Let's Get Reading! program ;

New day & time for Library bag pick up.

Come to Lent's main doors, Wednesday: 10:00 - 11:30pm.

Students can also access reading resources online through a variety of platforms available through this link: https://bit.ly/39fnQDp

Or use the English/Spanish Distance Learning Library Resource document: https://bit.ly/2IJq969

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Please click on the image below to see the full flyer for details!


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¿Necesitas una Chromebook o un punto de acceso? ¿O tu mochila y útiles escolares?

Si necesita un Chromebook, un hotspot o una mochila y útiles, complete el formulario vinculado o envíe un correo electrónico a cwolfe1@pps.net. La maestra Wolfe se comunicará con usted para programar una cita para reunirse con ella entre las 9 am y las 2 pm los martes. La Sra. Wolfe se reunirá con usted afuera y distribuirá todos los materiales en la entrada principal del edificio.

Cuando se encuentre en una ubicación de PPS, pedimos que todos usen una mascarilla y se la proporcionaremos si es necesario. Si ha tenido tos o fiebre en las últimas 72 horas o ha interactuado con alguien con síntomas de COVID19, háganoslo saber y organizaremos una recogida / cambio sin contacto.

Do you need a Chromebook or Hotspot? Or your backpack and School Supplies?

If you need a chromebook, hotspot or backpack and supplies, please fill out the linked form or email cwolfe1@pps.net. Ms. Wolfe will contact you to set up an appointment to meet her between 9am and 2pm on Tuesdays. Ms. Wolfe will meet you outside and distribute all materials at the front entrance of the building.

When at a PPS location, we ask that everyone wear a face mask, and we will provide one if needed. If you have experienced cough or fever in the past 72 hours or interacted with someone with COVID19 symptoms, please let us know and we will arrange for a contactless pickup/ exchange.

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IT Support or Technology Exchange

If you need a new device or hotspot, please contact Cathy Wolfe at cwolfe1@pps.net. She is our Lent specific technology coordinator.

If you are having any technology issues, you can call the PPS technology support line or contact:

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Lent K-8

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