Abraham Graham Bell

By: Brandon Attar

Backround Information

Alexander Graham Bell Was born on March 3, 1847. In Edinburgh, United Kingdom. Bell died on August 2, 1922, when he was 75. Bell's family died from Tuberculosis, his Father taught elocution to the deaf and made the visible speech system to help deaf children speak. His Mother was deaf and she was an artist so Bell learned how to paint from his Mother. Bell attended Edinburgh Royal high school but, left at the age of 15. Later on he moved to Canada after his two brothers died and continued his Fathers work to communicate to the Deaf.

How was he famous

Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone system to transmit information through a single wire, and that played a big role towards communicating to the Deaf with speech therapy. Later on he created the first telephone that is called the phonograph and was also for Deaf people to help them speak. Bell had 18 Deaf patients that he had treated so, they could talk and he prohibited them the use of sign language. His quote was "A man, as a general rule, owns very little to what he is born with - a man is what he makes of himself".

How did he become Deaf

Alexander Graham Bell wasn't Deaf, In fact he spent his life studying the physiology speech of the Deaf. Bell 's Mother was born Deaf, and his wife Mabel Hubbard was completely Deaf by the age of 5.

How did Alexander Graham Bell impact the Deaf community

Bell had both Negative and positive impact towards Deaf people because bell didn't let Deaf people use sign language and he used speech therapy to help Deaf people speak.

Intersting Facts about Alexander Graham Bell

1. Bell invented the first Telephone system that impacted the Human society

2. Bell's Mom and Wife were both Deaf

3. Both of Bell's parents died from Tuberculosis so, he had foster parents.

4. Bell had a negative impact towards Deaf people because he refused to let them use sign language.