Renaissance Culture

Diana Torres


Clothing was very important especially for the rich and powerful. The rich will usally have a variaty of clothings while the pesents would have 1 or 2 picecsof clothing for the rest of their lives. The men wore colerful tights , shirts ,and a coat. While women wore long puffy dress and if were wealthy jeweraly, and gold. The hairstyles for men were short or long and the same with beards. Many women would bleach or wear a wig that was blond because it was in very commen. Then depending on your social rating you would be waering different matirials than other people


Food was important just like clothing. If you were wealthy you would eat meat such as mutton, chicken, pheasant, venison, rabbit, turkey, and ham. They too would eat soup but with exotice spices.They would mostly drink beer and wine. Now if you were a peasent the you would eat mush and soup as a reagular meal. They would aslo have black bread and would eat meat like the wealthy


The early renaissance features Gitto Masaccio and Donatello where they were learning todo what some artis did before them. While the high renaissance had Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and Rafeal. They made the art more realistic.


The renaissance mostly bulid there house inspiered by the Ancient Romes and Greece.

Most house were built like this:

  • Square - Many buildings were built as square or rectangle.
  • Front - The front of the buildings were the same around the vertical axis.
  • Columns - They used Roman type columns.
  • Arches and Domes - Arches and domes were popular. This was again taken from Roman and Greek architecture
  • Ceilings - The ceilings of buildings were generally flat. Sometimes the ceiling were open.
  • Transportation

    One of the most popular ways to travel was by boat. Although it very cheapest way. It was very risky because pirates would wreak the ships or big wave would throw them over bored. If you were wealthy you would rid in coach or a horse drawn carrigeand and they would aslo be protected. While if you were poor you would only walk and have a chance to get robbed.


    For peasants most of there house where made of wood and what they mostly had more of (brown). The roof was made of plank or folige and the windows where recgtangel holes and had shutters cover them up. While if you where wealthy your castle would have been bulit for protection during wars. They were built with more stabelness and mostly made of stone and brick.


    Language didn't sound like modern english they do in england. It is mostly earthy and vigorous speech. Some examples:

    SHORT A: As in the words want or father. These word are pronnoucnced like WAX or CAT or FLAT.

    LONG A: As in the words make or take. Would sounded like short E , so they come out mek and tek.


    The main religion was Christianaty and the main church was the Catholic church. Then a new ideas came even a new christianaty church called Portestantism. There was also a new philosophy called Humanisum. Humanisum was very important to the renaissance beacuse it was about nature and it had placed values on humans accomplishments.


    Alot of thing happened during the beginnig and end of the renaissance. Here are some examples. During the Proto-Renaissance (1300 - 1400 ) 1308 - Dante writes his epic poem the Divine Comedy. During the Early Renaissance (1400 - 1500) 1450 Johannes Gutenberg inveted the printing press, 1485 - Henry VII becomes king of England and the start of the House of Tudor, and 1486 - Boticelli finishes the painting The Birth of Venus. During the High Renaissance (1495 - 1527) 1495 Leonardo da Vinci paints The Last Supper, 1503 - Leonardo da Vinci paints the Mona Lisa, and Henry VIII becomes king of England. During the Mannerism (1527-1600) 1558 - Elizabeth I becomes Queen of England, 1599 William Shakespear builds the Globe theatre, 1618 - The Thirty Years War begins.


    There were alot of traditions during the renaissance for example Jousting. Before Jousting was for entertainment it was a way for soldiers to preper and train. Jousting wasn't just for kinghts some kings did it to prove that they do have courage but it was very dangerouse for both king and knight. Another fact is that you had to get a royal permitt to joust with soemone, challenge landowners, and select the best knight to joust.