A Midsummer Night's Dream

H.A.M.A.T Productions

Come See the Greatest Reenactment

Comes see 5 grade 9 students act out the most happening scene from A Midsummer Night's Dream. H.A.M.A.T Productions will be performing Act III.II. Come see their version of 2 lovers fight over one maiden. Watch how the fairies solve the crisis and end the act by keeping everyone happy.



H.A.M.A.T Productions will be performing Act III.II. In this scene, Lysander and Demetrius are both in love with Helena as Puck places the love juice in the wrong Athenians eyes. You can expect the scene to spice up as Helena and Hermia blame each other for the acts of Lysander and Demetrius. You can also expect a good fight between Lysander and Demetrius with a hint of humor. You will also get to see the resolution to the matter as Puck cures the effect of the love juice from Lysander's eyes.


Monday, Dec. 14th, 2:15pm

10 North Park Drive

Brampton, ON

Thanks to the King of Biblioteque

We would like to thank the King of Biblioteque for providing us with a camera and tripod. This prize will help us record our performance line by line which can help us reduce the time needed in memorizing our parts. Also, this patronage will allow us to re-film parts where we make mistakes whereas when performing live you only have one shot. This patronage will allow H.A.M.A.T Productions to perform our act to the best of our ability.