EVHS Athletics Update 11.20.20

Latest Info on the "Pause" of High School Sports

Important Information Regarding the "Pause" of High School Sports

On Wednesday evening, November 18th, Governor Tim Walz announced Executive Order 20-99 which among several other restrictions due to rising COVID-19 numbers, included a "pause" of all youth and high school sports through December 18th, 2020. The Minnesota State High School League has provided guidance that delays the start of our sports that have yet to begin as well as guidance for activities in both athletics and arts that are already underway.

Below you will find details on the following:

- The Full Executive Order from Governor Walz

- Winter Registration Information

- Statement from MSHSL regarding Football and Volleyball Seasons

-The District 196 Participation Dial and COVID Dashboard

Margaret Thatcher said “You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it” She was, of course, referencing that we need perseverance when we face crisis. This fits where we are at in our COVID 19 fight right now as a community. As you are all very well aware COVID-19 has led us onto a detour that none of us have navigated before. Realizing and recognizing the many different emotions this has caused all of us we have to look to "control our controllables" as we approach and deal with Executive Order 20-99 from the Office of the Governor. Restrictions begin on Friday, November 20, 2020 at 11:59 pm and remain in force through 11:59 on Friday, December 18, 2020

#1 We will continue to take our direction from the Governor Walz’s office and his executive orders, the CDC and Minnesota Department of Health as well as our District 196 Administration and the Minnesota State High School League on what this all means for us and our programs, tournaments, practices, competitions etc. The Governor’s message on Wednesday of putting sports seasons on PAUSE was certainly expected, yet it doesn’t make the reality any less difficult for the athletes who have been preparing and dreaming of this season. Whether it is their first season on a high school team, their senior year or anywhere in between every season is important to an athlete.

#2 There remain lots of unknowns and what exactly the next four weeks and beyond will look like. We will receive more specific guidance from the MSHSL in the coming days that will give us more details and answer questions that have been posed such as: what can be done during the “pause” period, will any adjustments be made to the length of the “pause and when will we know this, will virtual training be allowed for our athletes, will start and end dates of winter or spring seasons be adjusted further, how will this impact competition schedules? etc. .

#3 We have received notification from the MSHSL that the earliest official start date for all winter sports other than Dance Team will be December 19th. Dance Team, which began on November 9th, will remain "in-season," but all-in person activities are prohibited per the Executive Order. More specific guidance from the MSHSL on virtual connection opportunities for all sports will be coming soon.

#4 Parents – What do we need from you?

a. In order to be prepared and for our coaches to know who should be involved in any virtual communication during this time, please make sure to register on MyPaymentsPlus. If for some reason more than half of the season does not happen the district will refund your payment. The information on physicals and MyPaymentsPlus is at the bottom of this letter. Please contact joan.beckmann@district196.org with questions.

b. The spirit and intent of this executive order means that people are not organizing any activity outside the members of their own household. Please do your best to help your child follow the guidance so we can get back to our seasons.

#5 We recognize that this is so difficult for our student athletes. We are disappointed that we won’t have a normal start to our winter seasons. We are hopeful and look forward starting our seasons up after this pause. We will work hard to maximize this experience for all of our athletes. Our Winter Coaches will continue to connect and provide support to our athletes. I am incredibly proud of and grateful for our coaches as they continue to deal with all of this and provide connection for our student-athletes through a variety of different forms, albeit remotely. Coaches will continue to be a source of information as well as support.

Thank you

Matt Percival

Assistant Principal for Curriculum and Athletics

Registration Open for all WINTER Sports on My Payments Plus

Registration is now open for WINTER sports only at this time.

Some key reminders:

#1 Copies of all physicals and all questions about physicals including expiration date should be sent to Athletic Department Assistant Joan Beckmann at joan.beckmann@district196.org

#2 Any questions/issues with My Payments Plus should be sent to our district support team via email at mppsupport@district196.org

#3 All students must be registered in order to participate. This is also how coaches can guarantee you are getting all communications and made aware of virtual connection opportunities.

District 196 Families,

The District 196 MyPaymentsPlus website is now live to accept registrations and payments for school activities. MyPayments Plus replaces FeePay. The information provide includes a link to the MyPaymentsPlus website as well as the District 196 family resource hub, which includes step-by-step instructions for families to create accounts and register for activities. These links have also been posted on the district’s website and social media platforms.

Detailed technical support information is provided on the Family Resource Hub website. For technical support, families can:

  1. Contact MyPaymentsPlus directly for login or payment issues via the support portal
  2. Contact the student’s school with questions about activities
  3. Contact the district MyPaymentsPlus support team via email at mppsupport@district196.org

MSHSL Statement on 2020 Volleyball and Football Seasons

The Minnesota State High School League has determined that the volleyball and football seasons conclude on Friday, November 20, 2020.

The MSHSL recognizes the challenges and interruptions that have impacted this year’s football and volleyball seasons. The League’s goal of providing an experience in all activities will continue. Unfortunately, the volleyball and football experiences for the student-athletes came to an end due to the COVID-19 case rates in Minnesota and the Governor’s Executive Order 20-99. The League thanks all students, coaches, officials and activities directors for their work in navigating this difficult and unpredictable season.

Member schools are reminded that all season-concluding events such as banquets and exit interviews should be conducted virtually.

District 196 Participation Dial, Preparedness Plan and Dashboard during COVID-19

A Participation Dial for Athletics, Activities, Enrichment and Community Facility Use has been created for district staff and community members to see what activities can be held, when. It includes high school sports, performing arts, middle school sports, student clubs, community education enrichment programs, and community facility use. The dial has seven levels with Level 0 being no activities can be held, up to Level 6 which all activities can be held (such as during pre-COVID).

Beginning Saturday, November 21 District 196 is at Dial Level 0 – all activities are moved to virtual options. No in-person meetings, practices, etc. All district facility and grounds use is suspended for non-district sponsored user groups including long-term contracts and all employee use.

Our goal with this document is to have everything in one place and for all activities to be on the same page to alleviate confusion and/or conflict in the community. We hope you find this document helpful. It is also included in the District 196 COVID-19 Preparedness Plan for Students, Families and Guests along with information on our district COVID dashboard.