Inspire Flyer 2:1

post baby wardrobe

Reinventing "mom jeans"

Sure, it's true. Your body is different after having a baby. Honestly, how can you expect it not to be? If you stretched out your favorite sweater, it's probably never going to hang the same way again, no matter how many dryer cycles you put it through.
*This technique was attempted on a J.Crew cashmere-esque sweater, and it was all sorts of unsuccessful.
And so what if your tush isn't quite as high as it used to be, or if the "twins" now remind you of deflated windsocks. Style goes on, people! Let this Inspire Flyer give you a much needed breeze for your sails, ie: windsocks. Take a tour of my favorite mom-body, style-approved pieces. Some are on sale, some are more "investment" pieces.

The Importance of Pants

Before meeting my amazing husband, I had 2 prerequisites for any dating set-up. He needed to be: 1) breathing and 2) wearing pants. You might be saying, "wow, that's pathetic." But let me tell you, now as a wife and mother, if everyone in my house is breathing and wearing pants, it's been a successful day!

Boyfriend Jeans and other options

Boyfriend jeans are the stuff dreams are made. They have a relaxed fit in the thighs (hallelujah!) but still manage to look cute. Boyfriend jeans are my go-to pants when I feel a zipper is a requirement. Old Navy has good selection at a decent price point.

I also love the brand Pilcro and the Letterpress. Soft chino fabrics in fun colors are the way to a woman's closet. If you're a first time Pilcro buyer, size down. You can check out their selection of cuts and colors at I myself am loving the crops and shorts.

I hope you've been inspired to try on new pants.