Grade 6 Mosaic

Mrs. Dayton's Class

Classroom Updates

Here are a few topics we have been learning in class...

Literacy: We are getting ready for a debate Monday morning on the pros and cons of raising the minimum wage in the United States. After reading and discussing the merits and flaws of Robin Hood, we are applying a related current event to our learning. Before the debate, students will be reading an article from Newsela, a student news source. They will then decide if they would like to argue for or against raising the minimum wage based on information from the article. Next, they will work in small groups to gather additional research to support their position (they may also decide to change their position based on continued research). Then, students will be divided into two smaller debate groups. During our debate, we will be learning many debate skills. Some of these skills include applying academic language/debate stems, listening carefully to opposing positions, and note taking. Afterwards, students will have an opportunity to reflect on the debate through a Schoology discussion. I have been encouraging the students to have lots of discussions about the income gap (ask them about the articles we read), the concept of 'do the ends justify the means' (we related it to Robin Hood's choice to rob the rich and give to the poor), and the idea of positive philanthropy in our society. Perhaps it will lead to some engaging dinner time conversations!

Science: Our solar ovens were a success! Students have updated their websites with an image and description of their solar oven. Next, we will be beginning Lego Robotics!

Math: We are beginning Holt Unit 3: Graphs, Functions and Sequences this week. The focus of this unit involves graphing ordered pairs on the coordinate plane, interpreting tables and graphs, understanding functions, and graphing linear equations.

Genius Hour: Genius Hour is coming soon! Students will begin brainstorming topics to research before Thanksgiving. For those of you who are new to Genius Hour, it is a time for students to research questions and topics about which they are truly passionate. Final projects will not be due until well after the winter break (likely later in January or early February).

Important Events and Dates

Executive Functioning Skills Articles

I have been fortunate to have conversations with several families about the importance of understanding, supporting, and teaching executive functioning skills to children. I know some of you had the opportunity to go to the Eden Prairie presentation around executive functioning skills.

Executive Functioning Skills in Gifted Students

Parents Can Help Gifted Students with Executive Functioning

8 Key Executive Functions

As your child's teacher, I am continually seeking ways to support families with executive functioning (and there is no perfect system by any means!). I do strongly encourage you to check Schoology and Campus for progress on assignments. Also, just feel free to email me and 'check in' on any questions you may have regarding due dates, assignments, project clarification, etc. Students at this age do require parental support to when it comes to monitoring homework.