April Lesson Plan

Hope In the Lord/ Relationships

Memory Verse of the Month

Jeremiah 29:11 - "For I know the plans I have for you", declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

Children's Church Choir Rehearsal

On the first Sunday, April 2nd and the second Sunday, April 9th the Worship Arts Ministry will be working with the children on a Easter song for Easter Sunday, they will take at least 30 minutes of our scheduled time.

Prep for Spring Festival

We will have a prep day on Friday, April 14th for Spring Festival. We will put Easter bags together, as well as, set things in place to be ready for Saturday morning. Friday prep hours are from 4:00 to 7:00pm. Saturday set up is at 8:00am, with the actual Festival starting at 10:00am. Festival will end at noon and then the breakdown and cleanup will begin. I will have a sign-up list for all duties at the Kid Check desk on March 26.

Song of the Month - "I Am Souled Out" Hezekiah Walker

Hezekiah Walker - Souled Out (Lyrics)

After Communion Song/ 1st Sunday Song

CASS - Sticks & Stones (Dance Video)

1st Sunday, April 2nd - Playing Games

Go over memory verse, Jeremiah 29:11

Pre-K- 5th grade - Children will construct a cross from construction and tissue paper

Pre-K - K - Have children stand in a group, cue them to turn left or right while they recite a section of the memory verse. The children will keep turning on cue and continue to recite the memory verse until the entire verse has been memorized.

1st - 5th grade - TURN,TURN,TURN: Children can stand in a long line or they can scatter around a designated area or stand in a circle, as the teacher desires. The teacher can tell the children to TURN to the RIGHT or TURN to the LEFT, or TURN toward the MIDDLE of the room, or TURN toward the teacher or the window, or the door, etc. The teacher can have a very LARGE lettered J-E-S-U-S on one wall and H-O-P-E on another wall. From time to time the teacher can say to TURN to JESUS or turn to HOPE. Play as time allows children to learn the Bible verse.

1st Wednesday, April 5th - Relationships: Jesus Lineage

Go over the memory verse: Jeremiah 29:11

Pre-K - K - Construct a family tree out of construction paper and cardboard.

1st - 5th Reconstruct Jesus family tree.

2nd Sunday, April 9th - Hope

Go over memory verse - Jeremiah 29:11

Pre-K- 5th grade - Make rabbits and sunflower craft.

1st - 5th grade, HOPE AND TRUST ACROSTIC: The teacher can write HOPE/TRUST down the left side of a poster board or the chalkboard and let the class work together to find words for each of the letters that would encourage people to have hope and trust in Jesus. The ideas could be ways that Jesus shows us to trust Him as well.

1st - 5th grade - Watch and discuss video: https://youtu.be/GswSg2ohqmA

2nd Wednesday, April 12th - Relationships: Jesus Lineage

Go over memory verse - Jeremiah 29:11

Pre-K-K - Plant sunflower seeds.

1st - 5th grade - Reconstruct Jesus family tree.

Spring Festival

Saturday, April 15th, 10am

2380 South Houston Avenue

Humble, TX

3rd Sunday, April 16th - Happy Easter

Family Worship in the Main Sanctuary

3rd Wednesday, April 19th - Relationships: Jesus Lineage

Go over memory verse - Jeremiah 29:11

Pre-K-K - Coloring sheets

1st - 5th grade - Reconstruct Jesus family tree.

4th Sunday, April 23rd - Hope and Trust

Go over memory verse - Jeremiah 29:11

Pre-K - 5th grade - FINGER PAINTING HOPE: Children can be given paper and paint to do a finger painting project. After children have played with the paints and made designs on their paper with the paint, encourage the children to use their finger and write HOPE on the artwork and let it dry throughout the class time.

4th Wednesday, April 26th - Relationships: Jesus Lineage

Go over memory verse - Jeremiah 29:11

Pre-K-K - coloring sheets

1st - 5th grade - Reconstruct Jesus family tree.


5th Sunday, April 30th - Queen of Katwe

Pre-K - 5th grade - Movies and Popcorn

The Luke Kids/Children's Church

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