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Excelsior Springs, Missouri

Can you fly?

“There is freedom waiting for you, On the breezes of the sky, And you ask “What if I fall?”

Oh but my darling, What if you fly?” ― Erin Hanson

This simple, inspirational poem perfectly describes what it means to take that first scary step into the unknown.

Week of March 23rd

Wednesday, 10:00 am - MML Webinar "Ethics in the Political Arena"

Big picture

EMERGENCY ORDER 3/18/20 AMENDED 3/22/20 – CCPHD orders the following:

  • STAY AT HOME - individuals may leave home only to perform ESSENTIAL ACTIVITIES
  • Non-Essential Business & Other Non-Essential Operations must cease
  • All businesses and other operations shall cease all in-person operations
  • ESSENTIAL Activities shall mean: healthcare, food, shelter, social services, media, auto related, banks, hardware, construction/public works, mail, education, laundry, restaurants serving for delivery or carry out, transportation, professional services, childcare, minimum necessary activities to maintain business function & facilitate employees to work remotely from home.
  • To engage in outdoor activity, provided individuals comply with social distancing requirements is encouraged.

It is so ordered this 24nd day of March (Tuesday) at 12:01, year 2020. This order shall expire after 30 days, unless otherwise extended by Gary Zaborac, Clay County Health Center Director.

Order is abbreviated due to space, see full order on website.

State of MO Call Center open 24/7 to answer related questions 877-435-8411.

Council Actions

Council heard City's Independent Auditor presentation [Funding: GF] WHY? City completes annual financial audit, an outside opinion of compliance; Appointed Kristi Rice to MU Extension Council [Funding: none] WHY? Bringing learning opportunities from MU to our community; Approved support resolution for Prop T [Funding: none] WHY? Providing safe & sanitary facilities for our children; Approved scanner lease agreement for Community Development [Funding: GF] WHY? Maintaining building plans per retention guidelines; Approved digester grant compliance agreement with MARC [Funding: Bond] WHY? Grants require additional reporting requirements; & approved appropriations.

Key Project Updates

  • City service levels evolved this week, stepping down our access preparing to work remotely, eliminating personal contact. Some jobs are essential & will remain in place with modifications. Information is found on city website & reminders as Facebook posts. WHY? Health/safety for both our employees & our citizens is our first concern.
  • Governor rescheduled City elections to June 2nd. [Funding: GF] WHY? Health/safety of voters.
  • Congress passed Emergency Family & Medical Leave Expansion Act mandating employer compensation for employees quarantined, ill, caring for others, or experiencing loss of childcare or due to school closure; employer tax credits cover cost of employee leave. WHY? To protect the economy from devastation.

Choose Your Attitude!

Thankful messages on Facebook - Karen Thogerson: stores opening times for older; Michelle Hopkins Carleton: life, utilities, roof over head & food; Holly Jones: Courtney's page to keep community updated; Jan Hulbert: doctors & nurses who risk their own health; Pete N Michele Milledge teachers developing ideas to learn from home; Stephen Spear: for a true sense of community; Tony Bierle: for great employer that literally cares for me and my families health; Martha Buckman: for our community leaders making tough decisions; Michelle Gibson: to live in town that cares about their community; Jerry Bryant: our local restaurants can do curbside delivery. We MUST use them to keep them in business.