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The Importance of Multiplying and Dividing

Multiplying Decimals

How is Multiplying and Dividing decimals important?You bought two packs of Caprison.They both cost $11.74.You multiply this number by two and you have the whole price.This is important because if you have the whole price then you will be able to find out if you can buy it.When you multiply you do not have to line up the numbers.How do you multiply decimals?Watch the link at the bottom of the flyer!

The Importance of Dividing Decimals

Dividing Decimals

How is dividing decimals important ,you wonder?Well,it's important in many ways!Let's say you had 3 friends with you.You went to eat dinner at a restaurant. You had to pay $25.43 and wanted to split the bill

so you could all pay the same price.How would you do that?By dividing decimals!How do

you divide decimals?Watch the video to find out!