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facilities, why it is important and the health benifits.

A personal trainer is great for those who don't want to go to a public gym, it is also great because the trainer is focusing on you and nobody else. The facilities of a personal trainer are the same as going to the gym, except you have more time with the trainer because there is nobody else.

It is important to get a personal trainer because it can help you keep fit, encourages you to stay fit and eat healthy.

some of the health benefits from a personal trainer are: you are by yourself, you can concentrate, keeps you fit and active, they motivate you and it also helps you sleep better.

cost and when you can use it

The cost of a personal trainer can vary between $40 - $90 per session. It depends on how long your session is, where it is and who the trainer is.

Most personal trainers have their own times that suit them, so you have to contact them to know when you are both free.

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