Children's Ministry Newsletter

February 11, 2019

This past week we finished up the story of Joseph by playing a fun game called ZAP!! We do a large review game like this every five weeks when we reach the end of our currently story. For this game we split the class up into two groups and they battled it out. They did great with all of the questions and it is so much fun to see them get excited when they know the answer. There is a mix of questions they have to answer some being easier then others.

We have found that these big review weeks mixed in with our weekly reviews have really improved their memory of these important Bible stories. We started in the fall with Genesis 1 and with just finishing the story of Joseph that has brought us to Genesis 46.

We also spend time each week reviewing the books of the Bible. Currently we are up to the 30th book of the Old Testament which is Amos. We play a fun song, Bible Book Bop by Go Fish, which you can download and listen to throughout your week. As I have told the kids I still sing the books of the Bible song I learned as a child when I am trying to find a book. We also have started teaching them hand motions for each book. If you would like a copy of the motions please let Debi Mason or I know and we can make a copy for to keep at home. of the Old Testament and then jumped into our five week review game. We split the class into two groups and played ZAP!!! They did great with all of the questions and were such good sports.

It is such a blessing to watch them all grow and expand their knowledge of these important Bible stories.

No Children's Church Sunday February 17

There will be no Children's' Church for the Kindergarten - 6th grade children this coming Sunday the 17th. We will have packets of activity/coloring pages available in the foyer/entry for them. These pages will be review of stories we have taught this school year.

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