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Fall 2020 is here!

Welcome to the surreal semester that walks a fine line between normal and completely abnormal! It will be an interesting few months for sure. The CTL at MCC hopes you and your loved ones have remained healthy and were able to take some time to leave you house these past few months. We are going to cover a few things that will be of value now and in the future so consider tagging this and placing it in a location you can access it again.

Live Online

At MCC we have three supported online web conferencing tools you can choose from to teach live online courses. View the comparison chart to see the differences between each tool. Keep in mind, whichever you choose, isn't necessarily the same one your students other faculty have chosen so it is very important that you communicate to your students early WHERE they are to "meet." Consider creating an announcement in Canvas that directs students to your live online session link so there is no confusion where they are supposed to go to access your course.
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Learning and Support for you

We offer workshops to support your work at the college. Whether you want to learn Canvas, Design a Course Online, learn to create dynamic instructional material, explore various instructional technology solutions for pedagogical challenges, record lectures or labs for student learning, contextualize learning, and so much!

The CTL at MCC has:

MCLI offers an event calendar as well.

Innovative Educators

MCC recently became members of Innovative Educators. This is a company that offers webinars in topics of interest to higher education. Be certain to watch for webinars that may be of interest to you this semester.

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Inclusive Teaching Strategies

It is crucial for student success that students see themselves in their experiences at MCC. It is important for MCC employees to re-examine traditionally held teachings, practices, and work flows to ensure that diverse perspectives are central to our daily practice, represented, and/or used to examine tried and true concepts and practices. Not sure how to get started consider a few strategies for ideas and join the conversation this semester with Real Talks and Let's Talk About Race series.
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