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This event is not only a GREAT way for families to have a FREE fun-filled day during the winter…it’s also an extremely worthwhile career exploration event!

We encourage any/all students and their families to attend on January 21st at the OCVTS Brick Center.


Seminole Parents/Guardians,

On December 9, 2022, Intermediate South staff and administration implemented new protocols for the sixth grade dance. These new protocols continue to keep the health, safety, and security of our students and staff as top priority.

Our next school dance is scheduled for Friday, January 27, 2023. This will be a SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADE only dance. Please review the Expectations and Reminders ,which outlines all of the Toms River Intermediate South dance protocols.

Additionally, if you are interested in being a parent volunteer, at the dance please read and review this google form.



Rehearsals for this year's school musical are underway! The cast of The Addams Family - Young@Part will perform for family and friends on March 24 at 6:30 PM and March 25 at 3:00 PM. Ticket information will be released closer to those dates, so please stay tuned!


Anyone who is interested in being a part of this year’s Stage Crew (makeup, costumes, tech, sets, etc.) must attend an informational meeting on Thursday, February 16 in the band room. See Ms. Peto or Mr. Grill for more details! Students must join the informational Google Classroom for more updates and information…Join Code = 7haqkhv


Join the cast and crew of The Addams Family for a night at Sundae’s Ice Cream Parlor in South Toms River: March 16 from 6-10pm! No flier necessary! Just order and enjoy! Thank you for your support! See you at the show!


January 2023

Seminole Parents,

Effective January 2023, we will be reimplementing the late referral discipline system. Students that arrive after 8:47 are expected to sign into the office before going to their classroom.

The procedure is as follows:

  • Once a student has accumulated three lates, a warning and a parent signature is required.

  • After five lates (and no parent notes), students will serve a lunch detention or after school detention.

  • After seven lates (and no parent notes), the student will serve in-school suspension and meet with the guidance department.

  • A parent note or signature will provide acknowledgement of the student’s lateness and count as an excused late.

  • Each student is allotted ten parent notes for the duration of the school year

Although we understand doctor’s appointments, illness, and other emergencies arise, we ask for communication from our families so that we can appropriately respond to the student attendance decisions. If your child is sick, please allow them to stay home. However, in order to provide your child with the best education possible, it is imperative that they arrive on time for school, engaged and ready to learn.

We thank you for your support at home as we reimplement procedures and expectations to further the education for all our children.

With thanks,

Intermediate South Administration



Intermediate South students should adhere to the school policy regarding their attire.

According to the Intermediate School Handbook, clothing must cover a student's stomach. Skirt and shorts length must be appropriate for school. Skirts and shorts that are extreme in brevity, length, tightness and transparency is not permitted. A student may be asked to change if their attire if it is questionable. If the student does not have an additional outfit to wear, parents may be contacted to provide a change of clothing. If warranted, the student may be sent to their administrator and may receive disciplinary consequences.

As always, we appreciate your time and cooperation.


Starting January 1, Toms River Middle and High School students will have access to their own Genesis Student Portal to look up schedules, grades, bus assignments, attendance and more. The site address is Students will use their Google account credentials to login. To ensure students are accessing their new personal Student Portal, parents should change their Parent Portal password.

“Seminole Foursome”: Respect, Honesty, Responsible, and Tolerance

The School Climate Committee (school staff) and a panel of students representing all grades met and came up with ideas, activities, and rewards for students in the building who are upholding the “Seminole Foursome”: Respect, Honesty, Responsible, and Tolerance. We want to catch students being good and reward them for it. Students and teachers will be on the lookout for students upholding the “Seminole Foursome” each day. Teachers will be handing out “Caught in the act” cards to students that are showing respect, honesty, responsibility, and tolerance. These students will be recognized and entered in weekly and monthly drawings for prizes such as front of the line lunch passes, free popcorn, homework and assignment passes, gift cards, and special lunches with friends. Let’s all be caught being good!

Attention Eighth Grade Parents and Guardians -Yearbook Update.

All eighth grade students are invited to have one baby picture included in the yearbook.

Please email your .JPEG photo to

*Include your name and homeroom with the email.*

If you cannot email the picture, submit photos with the student’s name and homeroom NEATLY and GENTLY written on the back of the photo….Photos can be picked up at the end of the school year.

Please give photos or email to Ms. Stone (B107) no later than January 25, 2023.

Graduate Recognition Ads

Yearbook recognition ads can be placed directly at through January 31, 2023.

Prices for this year’s advertising are as follows:

1/8 page (business card) - $50.00

1/4 page - $75.00

1/2 page - $100.00

One full page - $200.00

Go to: to take advantage of this opportunity. This process is so easy and FREE!!




Each bag of popcorn will sell for 1 dollar. ALL students may purchase popcorn by going to the cafetorium at dismissal. Proceeds of the popcorn sales benefit our Seminole families in need. So, come out and enjoy some freshly popped popcorn and help support our community. Thank you in advance.


Please be advised that Intermediate South students are NOT permitted to attend high school football games or other high school events UNLESS THEY ARE ACCOMPANIED BY THEIR PARENT OR GUARDIAN. Any student who attends a high school event without their parent or guardian may be subjected to disciplinary action. (Please see letter below.)

Thank you for your cooperation.

Paul T. Gluck, Principal

Intermediate South


Guidance Counselors and Student Assignments:

Ms. Sholk: A-K

Ms. Velez-Gimbel: M-S

Ms. Brink: T-Z


Please use the link below to access the Guidance Department website for more information about programs. You will find the information for these resources at the bottom of the page.


Program Overview:

The Accelerated Learning Academy (ALA) is a STEM program for 8th and 9th graders. Students take interactive workshops in 1 of 4 tracks:

Biomedical Engineering & Technology

Medical Science

Applied Mathematics

Artificial Intelligence & Technology

This year, in light of COVID-19, the ALA Program will occur online, via a web conferencing platform.

Criteria & Eligibility

3.0 Overall GPA

3.0 B Average in the Sciences


2 Letters of Recommendation



Virtual Interview

Application & Supplementary Materials Deadline: February 6, 2023.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, so prompt submission is strongly encouraged.

Program Duration

The program will occur online over three weekends throughout the school year.


March 3-5, 2023

March 31- April 2, 2023

May 5-7, 2023


Fridays: 6 PM - 9 PM EST

Saturdays: 9 AM - 3 PM EST

Sundays: 10 AM - 1 PM EST

Program Cost

The program cost, which covers tuition, is $600.

If applicable, families will receive a materials list for personal purchasing of workshop materials (aiming not to exceed $25 per weekend). Upon submission of receipts, the Institute will reimburse families according to our materials policy.



Tobacco Free for a Healthy New Jersey (TFHNJ) is New Jersey’s largest collaborative effort to reduce the health consequences of tobacco use — including vaping — and the harm from secondhand smoke exposure through prevention, education and cessation in all 21 counties, including 11 Quit Centers.

Co-led by the New Jersey Prevention Network and Southern New Jersey Perinatal Cooperative, with funding from the NJ Department of Health Office of Tobacco Control, TFHNJ engages local coalitions and public health advocates to promote tobacco-free initiatives through 10 regional coalitions.

This comprehensive approach involves a network of coordinated activities to help reduce exposure to second-hand smoke, reduce youth access to cigarettes, vaping and other tobacco products -- and to help those who do smoke or vape to stop. TFHNJ works with schools, colleges, worksites and communities to develop and implement initiatives that promote a tobacco-free New Jersey.

Please visit their website to gain valuable information on how to prevent, or quit tobacco and vaping use for you or a young person.

Leonora D'Alonzo, LSW, ACSW, CCM, SAC

Student Assistance Coordinator

Anti-Bullying Specialist
Toms River Int. South
(732) 505-3900 x 263912


ATTENTION PARENT AND STUDENTS: The Regalia Room is overflowing with FREE gently loved and new clothing, formal wear, winter coats, etc. If you or your family is in need of clothing from the Regalia Room, please contact the guidance counselor, teacher, or Dr. Tegeder to schedule a time to browse.

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  • All inclusive skateboard club for any skill level
  • Will provide fun environment for students to progress their skills
  • Students must have a ride home by 3:50 pm
  • Weekly meetings after school on Thursdays
  • Google classroom Code: ncz5x00


The Science (Fair) Club will meet weekly from 3:00pm to 3:50pm. Students who stay after for science club must have a parent pick them up no later than 4:00. (After school buses will be on Thursdays starting January 19th).The Science Club will have meetings from October to March (until the Stockton Science Fair).


The Environmental Club will meet weekly on Wednesdays from 3:00 pm to 3:50 pm. Students who stay for the Environmental Club must have a parent pick them up no later than 4:00. The Environmental Club will run through the spring ending at the end of May.


Student journalists are hard at work keeping their peers informed of the latest happenings at Intermediate South. Members of the Newspaper Club meet weekly to develop their writing skills and interviewing techniques in order to compose articles to be published in the school newspaper. Academic achievements, sports highlights, and the everyday nuances of middle school life make it to print in the Seminole Sentinel. New members are always welcome. Join the Newspaper Classroom with the code: pcp4rmu. Bring a Chromebook and some fun ideas. Let’s tell the stories of the latest happenings at Intermediate South. The group will meet in person on Thursdays in B107. See the Google Classroom for the virtual meeting schedule.

-Ms. Stone



Come join the 6th and 7th grade math club! We meet every other Monday. You must have a ride home at 3:55 or you can join the classroom and attend virtually. Play games or catch up on your Iready! Room D114


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All students in grades 6-12 are provided with a district chromebook which will remain in their possession until they graduate from Toms River schools. We are asking for all families to review the student device handbook, which can be accessed both on the district website Parents page at and on the Parent Portal. We are offering optional insurance coverage that parents will have an opportunity to waive in lieu of acceptance of a fee schedule that is outlined within the handbook. Please visit the Parent Portal at your earliest convenience to review the district policies and procedures. All parents are required to either waive or accept the optional insurance by September 30th or the family will be considered as having waived the insurance and will be responsible for the fees as outlined in the handbook. If there are no damages reported within a given school year, the chromebook insurance will carry over from year to year for students who have paid and/or are exempt. Any student who is currently in possession of a district device will be asked to return that device before receiving a new one.


Securly Classroom is a tool our teachers have access to that enables them to provide students with over-the-shoulder support. It allows the teacher a look into students’ screens* so that they can guide, monitor, and communicate with students when class is in session and students are signed into their district-provided Google accounts. Teachers can push out links, bring students to specific sites as a group, and guide them on their screens if they are struggling. Students can raise their hand if they have a question with the click of an icon and ask questions in a chat with the teacher if they need one-on-one support.

The program is enabled on all district chromebooks and is also accessible on non-district Chromebooks, Windows and Mac computers during class time when a student is signed into his/her district Google login. As a notification to students and parents that the program is in use, the district will be enabling a message box that will appear on the screen for students when a session is active.

*During a live session, the browser tab that a student has open is visible to teachers, as well as a listing of titles for other tabs. The teacher does not have access to the site or information on any other tabs and cannot navigate to those tabs; nor does the teacher have access to the computer’s desktop, menus or other programs.