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November 20, 2020

Assuring learning excellence and readiness for a changing world.

Giving Thanks

During this time, it is understandable to be thinking of all the things we are missing. It was sad to see our kids leave the building knowing we were going to Distance Learning. It was hard to hear that our activities will be shut down for 4 weeks; football and volleyball are not able to finish their seasons, no holiday concerts.

This week, let's reflect on what we are thankful for. We are thankful that we were able to have kids in the building through 1st quarter so we got to know the kids and they got to know their teachers. We are thankful for the fall sports season we were able to have. We are thankful for the technology we have so we can stay connected now in distance learning.

Here are some of things are teachers shared that they are thankful for:

  • Excited to get to see faces and not masks.
  • It was great seeing the students 1st quarter, and I’m glad we will still continue to see them (even if it is only through a screen). It’s good to know that this is only a phase and we will get to see them in person again at some point this year.
  • “My to-do list for today: Count my blessings, let go of what I can’t control, practice kindness, listen to my heart, be productive yet calm, just breathe…”
  • We figured out amazing things last quarter - both students and teachers - that we are ready to rock this! Celebrate your increased skill set!
  • My students LOVED getting to be together in a google meet as a whole class for the first time this year! They were able to see and talk to classmates they haven’t seen or talked to since last year due to being in different groups and distance learning. So much excitement and laughter :)

I am thankful for this school community. We have an amazing staff, incredible students, and supportive families. Thank you to each and every one of you for your partnership and support as we work through this unique school year.


Last week we shared the changes to attendance as we transitioned to Distance Learning. Here are a few attendance reminders:

  • Teachers take daily attendance. Students no longer check themselves in.
  • While we hope each student will attend the google meets for each of their classes on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, we know that some students have additional responsibilities that may not allow the students to log in at specific times. If a student does not log in each day, and they are doing well in the class, they will be marked present, as the teacher knows they are engaging with the content and staying on top of their work.
  • We will no longer be sending automated phone calls. Parents will be able to access student attendance in the parent portal.

Synchronous Learning and Asynchronous Learning Days Next Week

We are off to an amazing start with our synchronous learning days! Teachers have reported that participation in their google meets is around 90%. I was able to join a few classes virtually and it was so fun to see the excitement in both teachers and students. Now we can see faces, and more important, see kids smiling! Teachers are skillfully using technology to present from moodle and are using break-out rooms so students can work together in small groups virtually.

Monday, November 23 will be a synchronous learning day. Students should be checking in to the google meets each hour.

Tuesday, November 24 will be an asynchronous learning day. There will be no google meets, but students should check their moodle courses for assignments and activities.

Wednesday through Friday there is no school for Thanksgiving break.

Tutoring Available

MAPS has a district priority of offering an Online Study Center for all secondary youth (grades 6-12). This will be available beginning November 19th and run the duration of MAPS distance learning. Online Study Center support is provided by MAPS licensed educators. Sessions are FREE and do not require any pre-registration.

The attached marketing document provides a link and website where students can access the Online Study Center Monday-Thursday from 4-8pm.

Important Dates

November 23

Synchronous Learning Day

November 24

Asynchronous Learning Day

November 25 - 27

No School - Thanksgiving Break