Friday Review

Friday, January 20, 2017

What's New?

General Reminders

  • The end of the 9 weeks is Friday, January 20. Monday, January 23 is an Optional Teacher Workday. Report Cards will go home on Wednesday, January 25.
  • If you are interested in participating in the "Biggest Loser" weight loss competition, please let Nurse Mears know. Entry fee is $5.00 and would like to have a minimum of at least 10 participants. Winning results will be based on overall percentage of weight that is lost (not in pounds.)

  • If you plan to take off on Monday, January 23, 2017 for the Optional Teacher Workday, please go ahead and put your absence in KRONOS. You may use personal leave, leave without pay, or annual leave. This must be done while you are at school, and before Monday, January 23rd, You cannot access KRONOS from home.

  • TEACHERS: Please make sure you monitor students during bathroom time. It has been reported that students are throwing paper towels, biscuits, milk and orange juice cartons in the toilets. Our custodial staff works hard keeping things tidy and clean around our campus.

  • Just a reminder, 8th grade has moved their house meetings back to Friday.

Curriculum Corner

New Nine Weeks...New Semester!!!

The last stretch of the year is always super busy but it will be worth it in the end. After school tutoring will begin January 31st. If you are still interested in tutoring please let me know ASAP.

GLS meetings will be held this week in the PLC room...we will be looking at 2nd Qtr Benchmark Data. Complete the Data Analysis worksheet that I shared this week by next Wednesday or Thursday.

We will begin our Growth Checks this Friday, January 27th with Math. These are common assessments created by the teachers and will be used to drive instruction and or plan for remediation (tutoring).

Looking for an opportunity to enhance your teaching skills??? Here is the District PD newsletter. Check it out and plan to attend!

Reminders: Lesson plans are due to CANVAS every Monday by 8am, current lesson plans and GLS/UPS sheet should be place on your desk. (I am working on a universal way to display them so admin. won't have to search all over to find them...I'll keep you posted)

Benchmark Data Dive: GLS teams are expected to review their benchmark data together and look for strengths and O.F.I (Opportunities for Improvement) and in formulating plans for Standards Remediation. Mr. Smith will visit briefly with department teams and will send out a link/schedule to meet with teams.

This Week

Monday, January 23- Optional Teacher Workday

Tuesday, January 24- 7th Grade House Meetings; Elective Team Meeting; Safety Committee Meeting at 3:40pm.

Wednesday, January 25- P.I.N.K. meets during Spartan Time; Report Cards Go Home; PBIS 9 Weeks Incentive; ELA/SS Content Level Planning; On The Road with Cecil Chandler visits M.O.V.E. and P.I.N.K

Thursday, January 26- Math/Science Content Level Planning; AR Incentive- Video Game Truck; Awards Committee Meeting at 3:45pm.

Friday, January 27- Character Education; 8th Grade and 6th Grade House Meetings

Looking Ahead

Monday, January 30- Administrative PLC 9:00 am

Tuesday, January 31- 7th Grade House Meetings; Elective Team Meeting

Wednesday, February 1- P.I.N.K. meets during Spartan Time; ELA/SS Content Level Planning

Thursday, February 2- Math/Science Content Level Planning

Friday, February 3- Clubs; 8th Grade and 6th Grade House Meetings