Your Secure Digital Worls

By Galatea Stavraka

Internet Safety

In order to use networks and social media safely and responsibly there are some instructions and rules you have to follow. These instructions will help you prevent danger online from strangers and be safe. We will also be talking about your rights and responsibilities, how you can help yourself and your friends, and techniques that are used by most people to keep your stuff private.

Rights and responsibilities in the digital world

When we talk about our rights and responsibilities in the digital world we mean what you should and should not do online when being a responsible person without getting into trouble with the law. Firstly, you should not post any indecent material. Indecent is defined by having some sexual content or nudity. These inappropriate posts are illegal when you are younger than 18 years old in the UK. Moreover, by posting indecent content you will most probably attract strangers and people who are dangerous towards you and might use your photos towards their advantage.

How to be safe online and what you should avoid doing

Firstly while being safe online do not use your real name until you are 18 years old, use a nickname. Moreover, do not share your password with anyone to avoid other people entering your account. Do not post provocative or inappropriate content on your profile or network. Don't talk to strangers and do not accept friend requests from strangers even if you have mutual friends. Also do not share your personal information such as address and phone number. Keep your profile private.
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A pin is very useful because it helps prevent hackers. Biometric scanners are like passwords but are used so you can access files and rooms using your fingerprints and physical features. Moreover, forensic computing is used by the police to try and track down hackers that are trying to access your computer.Encryption is often used when you want to hide something like a code.
Internet Safety - Newsround Caught In The Web (9 Feb 2010)
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