Theodore Roosevelt

Progressive President

Square Deal

- good for everyone

- first president to help and trust to people

- Roosevelt made sure that the trusts didn't abuse power

- law suited jp Morgan broke trusts, went against the Sherman Antitrust Act. it was progressive because the little guy didn't have to pay high rates

- Made sure it wasn't made into a monopoly

- Lowered rates and helped the little guy

Coal Strike of 1902

- regarded him self as the nation's head manager

-Roosevelt threatened to give the manager jobs to the army to get the people back into work. It was progressive because he took side with the workers and got them to compromise. In return they got a higher pay and less hours.

United Mine Workers

- 150,000 workers walked out

- he threaten that he would bring in the army if then didn't compromise to arbitration

- first step to federal government

Regulating Big Business

trusts help the economy but still didn't want then to go through the roof, so in turn he created the Hepburn Act, it was progressive because the government set railroad rates to set price control

- trusts benefited the economy

- helping the little people

- convinced Congress to create the Department of Commerce and Labor

- this gave him the ability to regulate business without having to sacrifice economic efficiency by breaking up the trusts

Hepburn Act

- intended to strengthen the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC)

- it gave rates control on the railroad for the famers

so the railroad couldn't raise prices on them

- with helped them

Upton Sinclair