Gender and Identity

A white female high school student athlete


I am a hardworking, 15 year old girl who shines both mentally and physically. I am a daughter, friend, teammate and student. I feel as though I am the same type of person at school that I am everywhere else. I work extremely hard during school time and also when I workout or when I am at practice to actually improve. Intense is the word that would describe me and my life in the best way because I push myself to limits that surprise others and strive to be the best I can be. Being a student-athlete I feel I work ten times harder than any normal student due to all the time I spend improving what's important to me as well as strive in the classroom.

Rise and shine - Athlete and running ultimate motivation


Being a teenage girl in society today makes me along with a lot of other girls want to strive to be perfect. All girls these days feed off of each other in the way we look, act, dress, and also with the things we do. If one thing isn't "cool" or you look different than everyone else then you are looked down upon due to how society is run. Women are also looked down upon when it comes to wanting the physical fitness aspect. All of the lifting and working out is left for the men these days but girls also lift and workout and stay fit. It shouldn't be abnormal for a girl to go to the gym and lift just as much weight as the guy standing next to her.