The Pelican State


Louisiana is an incredible state with so many things to offer! You will learn about some of the states fun facts ,the many cool resources that it offers ,some many awesome locations and really fun places to visit. I hope that you learn a lot about Louisiana and will love The Pelican State!

State Facts

Louisiana has many awesome facts like the State Doughnut, State Dog, and State Tree. This amazing State has a really yummy doughnut called the Beignet.This doughnut became Louisiana's state doughnut in 1986. One other interesting fact is that Louisiana state dog. It is named after a parish in southeastern Louisiana. Its called the Catahoula.Finally the state tree is the really cool Bald Cypress. One awesome fact is that it can grow up to 120 feet tall! The State Doughnut, State Dog, and The State Tree are just a few of this states great facts!


Louisiana has many resources including livestock and non renewable resources. Some non renewable resources that Louisianans have are natural gas and common salt. You may find the salt on your table came from Louisiana. Some livestock that Louisiana is known for is crawfish and shrimp. Livestock and non renewable resources are just two resources that Louisiana has plenty of.


Louisiana is in a interesting location in its reigon. One awesome thing about the states location is that people that live there have to live above sea level cause the state lives by water. In New Orleans they have lots of party's , parades , and lots of music too. Some fact is that the state Louisiana is shaped like a sock! The Pelican State has many facts and these are just a few!

Fun Places To Visit

Louisiana has many places to visit such as The Aquariam Of The America's and The Atchafalaya.The Aquariam Of The America's is where you can look at over 7,000 fishes and reptiles and much more. Also did you know that it stands on the bank of the Mississippi River. The Atchafalaya is located in the southeastern Louisiana. You can ride on a boat in Louisiana amazing bayou's or swamps. The Aquariam Of The America's and The Atchafalaya are just of few fun places to visit here!


Louisiana is a wonderful place to visit! I have told you about a few Fun Facts some Resources some Locations and awesome Fun Places To Visit. So I have told you those Fun Facts. Hope you visit Louisiana one day!