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Have a great week! If you have not seen the new signage in the main office, come take a look. This is the first step in improving the signage inside our building.

I am also looking for volunteers to help create two 30 minute lessons that would be done in Advisory prior to applied ISTEP testing. The lessons will be tailored around testing strategies and testing vocabulary terms. If you have an interest, please let me know.

Grades are due by the end of the day on Thursday, 1/22.

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Process vs. Person Praise

2 minute video
Helping Students Learn: Growth Mindset


Please make sure you have completed the growth mindset lessons by the end of this week. Begin creating a bulletin board or another space in the room where you can place growth mindset artifacts.

We are adding one advisory day on Wednesday, 1/28.

Quarter 3 Advisory Calendar: Quarter 3 Calendar

Week 21

1/20:Create Growth Mindset Artifacts/Bulletin Board in classrooms

1/22: HAC CHECK/Read/Monitor Goals

9 Statements Of Affirmation For Teaching (& Coaching) A Growth Mindset

1. I can use technology to make both my own and my students’ learning richer.

2. I can risk trying new learning activities

3. I can bring my and my students’ passions into learning activities.

4. I can make one small change at a time in my learning environment.

5. I can let go of my need to control all variables.

6. I can find ways to change even under adversity.

7. I value my relationships with my students (even over content).

8. I can network and connect with others for resources, assistance, and support.

9. I can make a difference in students’ lives.

Comparing Canvas and Google Classroom



  • Parents have their own login. They can see everything the child does but can't submit or edit assignments.
  • Once a course is created, it can be copied and used with other classes.
  • It is easy to "keep" a copy of the course for use next year.
  • Creating and sharing a Google document as an assignment is easy.
  • Turning in assignments is easy for students.
  • Grades are stored in a Gradebook section.
  • Discussions can be set up in various ways including making small groups. You can require that students read the discussion before posting.
  • Students cannot do assignments late unless you allow it.
  • Assignments can be hidden when you choose to do so.
  • New students are automatically added to classes.
  • Negative: students can't be removed by teacher. Admin has to do it for you when requested to do so.
  • speed grader, audio and video forum and messaging features, and it works anywhere on any device

Google Classroom:

  • Parents have no login. They would have to login using their child's GMail username and password - if the children tell them what it is.
  • There is no way to copy one class to another. Each must be created individually. Same for assignments, they cannot be copied from one class to another.
  • Every assignment shows for the whole year unless you delete them. There is no hide.
  • Creating and sharing a Google document as an assignment is very easy.
  • Turning in Google assignments is easy. Students can also attach a document and turn it in.
  • No gradebook.
  • Discussions are very basic. Teacher posts a question and students can all answer. I believe you, as the teacher, can delete any that are inappropriate.
  • It is not easy to tell when someone turns in an assignment late. The number "done" just increases by 1. You need to click on it and see which ones you have not graded yet.
  • Adding students to class is fairly simple, but teacher is totally responsible to do so.

Build Your Professional Network

Below is a slide presentation on the use of Twitter. It is a quick look at how to set up an account and get started. Take a look!

Twitter Slide Presentation

Cheers for Peers: "click the button"

If you have something great to share about a colleague, please do so on this document.